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How To Embrace Negative Feedback

Handle every feedback gracefully and make efforts to improve. It can help better your skills and make clients more confident about working with you.

As a service provider, freelancer or a virtual professional, do you know how to embrace negative feedback? Because more often than not, you will receive feedback or recommendation from your client and it is one of the best ways to improve your skills. It motivates you to push harder. It empowers you.

But you have to be prepared. Because some feedbacks are not pleasant. And I had some fair share of negative feedback in the past.

A person with a different perspective on how you do things may review your result as unpleasant because of creative differences or perhaps a mistake that slips through on your part. But no matter what type of feedback you received, being able to take it in stride is important for your career.

But how do you accept feedback without feeling hurt?

First, accept it. Let it sink in for a few seconds then let it go. Because even if we did our best, every once in a while, things will not fall according to our plan. Understand that this isn’t something that only happens to you.

As a service provider, more often than not you will receive feedback from clients. How you interpret each one of them matters. If you’re optimistic, a negative feedback will give you an idea on how you can improve. This will also give you the opportunity to review your workflow. Because, honestly, redundancy on what you’re doing makes you very complacent at times.

But here’s the best part, not everyone will bother to take the time to give you a feedback. Your client may just decide to stop working with you without further notice.

When someone does make an effort to give you a critique, listen to it and make adjustments if necessary. To have the opportunity to work on your mistake once again is the best experience. So, don’t take it personally if you received a negative feedback.

But as a service provider, we all know that the service you offer becomes the extension of yourself. That’s the reason why it hurts when your client gives a negative feedback. It hurts. And it’s not a pleasant experience.

But don’t wallow on it for too long. As a virtual professional, every challenge you will encounter or negative feedback you receive should not stop you from being the best at what you do. Don’t let it affect you.

Remember, if there’s something wrong or an error occurs somewhere that you’re not aware of, it’s understandable that a client will want to discuss how you can do it better.

So if your client provided a negative feedback in a way that’s hurtful or inappropriate. Always take the high ground.

Learn how to appreciate. Thank your client for providing the necessary feedback, but you should take note that you also demand respect at all times. They may have legitimate concerns but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can belittle or disrespect you.

Revised if necessary. Do it again if you must. But don’t burn bridges. One negative feedback should not destroy the relation both of you once had.

If you’re someone who doesn’t respond to feedback well, it’s something you need to work on. Because if you’re not taking negative feedback really well. This is where the problem starts.

Others do it by bad mouthing their client and share their problems with others. They also respond with hostility. And won’t admit the mistake that they did.

It’s painful. But that’s how you will grow and become a responsible virtual professional. Our client doesn’t want to give criticism unless it is really necessary. Accept it wholeheartedly and learn from it.

Receiving feedback from your client is part of our business. How you respond to every feedback that you get will make or break your relationships with your clients both offline and online.

Keep in mind that business owners understand that things like this happen every once in a while. How you step up and address them makes the difference.

Handle every feedback gracefully and make efforts to improve. It can help better your skills and make clients more confident about working with you.

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Fred Mosquida is an email copywriter who helps e-commerce businesses with their email marketing campaigns and set up their automated email flows. He has been helping online retailers sell their bike accessories, crystals, socks, supplements, makeup, apparel, kitchenware, home appliances, and a wide variety of other products using Klaviyo for the past 3 years. Fred also teaches at events and in several provinces in the Philippines about the opportunity of working online. According to Fred, the Internet isn't just for viewing videos on YouTube and playing online games. He believes that anyone with basic Internet skills has equal income opportunities. You can connect with Fred on LinkedIn.

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