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Tech Vlogging In The Philippines Can Earn You Up To Php522K/Month, But Not For Long

The top 2 vloggers with the most subscribers earn Php351k and Php522k a month respectively

Photo by De an Sun on Unsplash

By Isabelle Karina C. Romualdez

Filipinos have been hungry for tech products since the pandemic started. Even though the Philippines is somewhat a digital dinosaur, Statista records the country to have nearly 169 million mobile subscribers

Moreover, based on iPrice Group’s Map of E-commerce report, websites that sell electronics experienced a 59% increase in web visits last year. On their platform alone, the top pages with the most Google impressions belong to smartphone product pages. 

Hence, it comes as no surprise that Filipino tech vloggers today are achieving much success, so much so that one of them even earns up to an estimated amount of Php522k a month! 

Thus, e-commerce aggregator, iPrice, collated how much the top 10 Filipino smartphone reviewer-vloggers with the most subscribers are estimated to earn

The top 2 vloggers with the most subscribers earn Php351k and Php522k a month respectively. Mary Bautista, a semi-celebrity in the tech world, has about 1.4 million subscribers with 128 thousand views, yet she’s estimated to earn a few hundred thousands below Unbox Diaries, which have fewer subscribers and views than hers. 

The reason for this being so is that Social Blade estimates this based on the cost per impression that gets multiplied with the number of views the channel gets per day. Unbox Diaries does get more views per video (versus in total). You know what they say, the more views, the more ads you can get as well. 

Some individual vloggers earn more than authoritative tech blogs. Yugatech is said to be the #1 resource of tech news and insights in the Philippines, and they’re estimated to earn about Php119k/month from their Youtube content. Its competitor, GadgetMatch, is estimated to earn 65k/month. However, as mentioned, Mary Bautista is estimated to make much more bank. 

Moreover, individual vloggers like Liz Tech and Poy Reviews are both estimated to earn above Php100k a month, which are more than the estimated amount of authoritative blogs with Youtube reviews like Unbox PH (Php52k/month) and Manila Shaker (Php17k/month). 

What makes these individual vloggers more successful than Youtube accounts from actual authoritative tech blogs? iPrice hypothesizes that consumers like watching content that is more personal and relatable. Thus, this is why individual vloggers that review in Filipino seem to have an affinity with the country’s market. 

Unfortunately, these estimated earnings might get lower in the months to come. According to Gadgets 360, Youtube will be deducting taxes from creators (even from outside the US) due to Google’s responsibility under the US Revenue Code.

Any amount earned from US viewers through Youtube Premium, ad views, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Channel membership will now be taxable. Creators may be taxable up to 24% of their total earnings if they aren’t able to submit their tax information to AdSense before May 31, 2021.

That said, Filipino tech vloggers may not be as affected, especially for the individuals that review in the Filipino language. However, this doesn’t discount their Filipino-American audience. With this new rule in place, we will have to wait and see how much this will affect the country’s tech vloggers.

Click here for the official study.

Isabelle Karina C. Romualdez is the Content Marketing Executive at iPrice

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