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iPrice Group Launches A Voice Recognition & Shopping Companion App For Pets

Pets can now demand even more from their owners

Today, iPrice Group unveiled a new mobile application, iPetite, to help consumers find the best items for their pets. The app includes the latest features of voice recognition that enables consumers’ pets to communicate the products they want with their owners. Pets now have the opportunity to be even more spoiled than they already are! With this ground-breaking technology, iPrice continues to fulfil its aim to be Southeast Asia’s best online shopping companion, even to the region’s furry friends.

The pet care industry was expected to reach US$1.4 billion in 2020 with robust growth of nearly 6.8% in the Southeast Asian region. Thus, iPrice saw the need to offer pet owners the best way of shopping based on their pets’ wants and needs. It has always been one of iPrice’s core values to be inclusive – and this extends beyond the human species. 

Our little friends have probably grown weary of our stay-at-home routine during the pandemic. As an online shopping companion, we’re proud to help pet owners understand every single bark, meow or chirp uttered via our pioneering iPetite app,” said Jeremy Chew, Head of Content Marketing at iPrice Group.

Pet owners can now access billions of products through a seamless shopping experience on iPetite as seen in these 5 easy steps: 

  1. Open iPetite app & activate the voice feature. 
  2. Click on the mic icon & let your pet speak into it.
  3. The app will translate your pet’s speech into your preferred language.
  4. iPetite will display suggested products or price comparison pages that are most relevant to your pet’s request.
  5. Tap on one of the search results to purchase the products.

This application is now available on App Store & Play Store where users can download it on their smartphones. Southeast Asian consumers can now enjoy the unique voice recognition features to compare prices & choices from different e-commerce merchants. Meanwhile, pets can now demand even more from their owners.

With today’s e-commerce landscape, we have too many products & options to choose from online. This is why iPrice Group continues to become the best companion for online shoppers; they help consumers search & compare the best products for them. And with iPetite, the company brings over billions of new products across Southeast Asia for our furry shoppers. With this extensive product catalogue, our furry friends can demand the products they want the most, leaving their owners the task to find the best deal. Luckily, iPrice already curates the best deals for their shoppers. 

With the global pandemic accelerating digitalisation in Southeast Asia, the e-commerce landscape has more incentive to expand even more. Thus, iPrice continues to make consumers’ shopping experience smoother, even when they’re shopping for their pets. iPetite will enable more continuous improvements and opportunities for the best user experience in Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. 

“We intend to continue making strides with our ground-breaking app. We think this is the first of its kind, but we’re not done with it yet. Currently, marine animals are not supported at the moment, but we do intend to cater to our friends in the sea soon. We aspire for this app to be easily accessible to every animal one day,” said the leading e-commerce aggregator, iPrice Group. 

Disclaimer. This is an April Fools content. Hence, all products mentioned is a mock-up to celebrate the occasion. No animals were harmed in the making of this content. Happy April’s Fool Day! 😊

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