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Growapp – Sparking Balikbayan Entrepreneurship & Ease Of Doing Business

Growapp has already served tech startups, ecommerce, food and beverage, professional services, and NGOs in its months of operations

Photo by Ramon Kagie on Unsplash

For most people, experiencing a better life outside the Philippines has always been a dream. They strive hard to build a good portfolio until they become fortunate enough to be hired abroad. Others start a new life there with their families. Some are okay with long distance relationships. 

Not for Growapp Co-founder and CEO Melboy Pangan who braved the scenarios the other way around. Born and raised in the Netherlands in a Filipino household, he moved out from a very secure and comfortable life to home in the Philippines where an unknown future awaits.

It all started with a setback. 

For years, he worked as a strategy and operations consultant for organizations in European and North-America. Being in the first world country, the challenge is nearly impossible to grasp due to the advancement that they have established. Until one day, an opportunity came when his team encountered a chance to bid for a project in the Philippines. It thrilled him because it would allow him to reconnect with his roots while working at the same time. Yet, circumstances led to a a different plan instead.

Melboy took it as a sign for him to tread another path that led him to the decision in pursuing the Philippines no matter how disheartening it may be.

“It just happened because I made that move. I had to take that leap of faith”

In 2016, Melboy moved to the Philippines bringing his academic badge of Masters in Strategic Management and Bachelors in Economics and Business Economics. As a new Manila-based professional, he had to learn how things are done. From paying bills to moving around, to adjusting to the culture, he had to learn it gradually until he had fully adjusted to the lifestyle. 

Finally, he was introduced to the world of social entrepreneurship 

Being part of this new and impactful environment acquainted him with people who, like him, are passionate in pursuing meaningful ventures. Eventually, he met his now-co-founders. Altogether, they discussed several business ideas until one day they found a problem to solve — the ease of doing business in the Philippines.

“Find your biggest frustration. Find a problem to solve. Dedicate your work to somebody else who you would like to help or improve the life of.”

And, Growapp has come into fruition. 

Starting off, it will not always be a walk in the park. Through consistency and proper strategies, Growapp has already served tech startups, ecommerce, food and beverage, professional services, and NGOs in its months of operations. It also runs coaching webinars and was featured in various business pages and podcasts. 

Currently, Growapp is the middle of developing new services that are envisioned to change the landscape of business and government compliance. The team is in the works, arming it with sheer technical skills and grit to launch before anyone else does.

“Passion evolves over time and there is always something that you’re always in pursuit of,” he says.

Indeed, Growapp is an epitome of growth, risks, and determination.

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Lalissa Singson is an entrepreneur and marketer. Follow her on Facebook.

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