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How To Keep A Retail Business Running During A Renovation

Let’s go through some factors to consider when refurbishing your retail store

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As a business owner, you may find it necessary to renovate your business, but you think of reconsidering your decision due to the costs and inconveniences that emerge during remodelling. One of the primary goals of retail store renovation is to improve customers experience and building more value to your business. However, whether it’s a simple makeover or sophisticated revamp, remodelling and renovating contributes significantly to the growth of your business. Below are factors to consider when refurbishing your retail store:

Reasons for remodelling

So, why are you remodelling your store? Is it beneficial? How frequently should it be carried out? What impact will it have on your business? However, positive change is good and rewarding. Regardless of your reasons for renovation, it is paramount to have a clear plan and timeline to assist you to circumvent any unanticipated costs and setbacks throughout the remodelling process.

What are your expected results in terms of space and design?

What picture do you have in mind for the final appearance of the structure? Do you need to hire professionals? Will the design specialists transform your vision into practical shape? Ensure you achieve a layout that suits your desired goals and objectives. You can also consider involving your employees since they are the central pillar of your business and understand the space better.

Determine the capacity of your project

Set reasonable goals and expectations. Understanding the scope of your project helps you to come up with achievable goals and a logical budget. You are also in a better position to approximate the timeframe of the task adequately. This helps you to decide on the appropriate renovation within your budget and what areas to put more emphasis.

Design with your customers in mind

Design your store depending on the kind of your business operations. Other than attracting more customers to your store, there are other factors to be contemplated when setting your layout for the kind of customers you serve. For instance, choose eye capturing decors and lighting that will encourage customers to select your store. If you are selling children’s related products, create a bigger space for strollers.

However, if you are undertaking a business remodelling, ensure the regular running of the business to counter loss occurrences as a result of lost hours during renovation. You can opt for renting a self-storage unit to keep your stuff safe as you embark on the renovation process. Business renovation may cause you to close down, thus decline in profits and loss of customers. Below are some approaches to minimize disruptions during a renovation:

Tips for keeping your business running during renovation work

  • Prepare your customers and employees in advance

One of the major mistakes done by business owners during renovations is putting more focus on the structure and the contractors while ignoring the employees. Your staff plays a major role in the overall growth of your business. Therefore, ensure you prepare them adequately before remodelling. Giving them prior notice gives them a better chance to look for other working alternatives that will ensure the regular running of the business.

Also, make your customers understand your upcoming renovation project to avoid unnecessary frustrations that may lead to loss of customers. Alternatively, you can start selling online to your customers to avoid further inconveniences.

  • Establish appropriate construction hours

Contractors determine how your renovation project will run since a majority of them sticks to their conservative working schedule. However, to avoid crippling deficits that occur during renovation, you can hire contractors who can work beyond their conventional hours. This will, however, incur you an extra cost but it is worth than total closure of your retail business.

  • Plan the construction in stages

Prioritize on the most sensitive areas that require to be worked on. Doing renovation in stages reduces the chances of closing down the whole building. Meanwhile, you can do online marketing and selling of the products sitting in sensitive areas to avoid further loss of revenue.

  • Make work and construction zones

Space may become a significant challenge within the construction areas. As a business owner, ensure there are adequate space and minimal intrusion for both your staff and the workers on site. This will ensure everyone remains in their designated job description with minimal interference.

In summary, do not refrain from remodelling your business since any business renovation or upgrade is imperative for the overall growth of the company.

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  1. Priya Dharshini

    6th January 2021 at 2:34 pm

    Great tips! Renovation is a hectic process and keeping the retail place without any hindrance during the business hours is really a great deal. Thanks for sharing these tips, Chatwalee.

  2. Chatwalee Pingks

    7th January 2021 at 10:50 am

    More than welcome Priya 🙂

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