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Netzme: How Indonesia’s Hybrid Fintech App Fights For Financial Inclusion

Indonesian firm Netzme finds paid marketing is a key plank of their strategy to provide financial services to small towns and villages.

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With a population of 267 million and broad internet penetration, Indonesia is the mobile industry’s fastest-growing market. Innovative app developers such as Netzme, a community-based app for banking and networking, are seizing this opportunity by introducing unique ideas to the country’s mobile market. In the first of our client-focused series, this article explores how Netzme is moving forward with its community-based goals and offering financial inclusion to users across Indonesia.

Netzme targets social impact on small towns and rural areas

Founded in 2015, Netzme is a socially-focused mobile payment platform that has set out to revolutionize the way Indonesians access and interact with financial services. Indonesia’s financial disparity in rural areas means that people often lack financial literacy. The company’s social approach to mobile finance has helped empower unbanked people in Indonesia’s small towns and rural areas. 

Netzme Co-founder and CEO Vicky Saputra explains that he started the company because he “realized that financial inclusion and financial literacy is quite a big issue [in Indonesia], especially for people in small cities and rural areas. As far as we know, these people are the majority, and we expect to have a really good social impact for people all around Indonesia.”

The company’s vision is to build communities in mobile-first markets like Indonesia’s, by incorporating social gamification. With its unique social offering, Netzme enables users (known as Trufans) to create and ‘like’ content as well as receive payments from other members of the community. This social approach to fintech also attracts content creators, artists and entrepreneurs. Users have access to all their banking needs – such as a scan-to-pay function and their transaction history – while also building networks, posting stories and using hashtags to view and create trending topics. The app also has a discovery feed, group chats and entrepreneurial tools.


Vicky was featured in the first edition of Adjust’s LTV magazine, “Mobile Icons”, where he gave insight into how app developers can succeed in Indonesia’s market. He notes that communication and community is the key to success in Indonesia: “You need to be clear what kind of market you’re really targeting, try to look for the community that fits with your apps, and look for the key opinion leader in that area.” 

Netzme and Adjust

Netzme works with Adjust to gain accurate attribution and analytics used to measure campaign performance and optimize the company’s user acquisition efforts. In a recent client story, Vicky shared his experiences working with the Adjust team.

Vicky explains that Netzme chose to work with Adjust because of the comprehensive services on offer. “Adjust has a dedicated team I can talk with and further discuss how to optimize their services. I think that’s quite unique … Right now the dedicated team using Adjust is five people. Three use the platform on a daily basis and the other two work mostly on technical integration, especially with our app, and adjustments with their services.” 

Going into more depth, Vicky explained that when handling paid media, Netzme runs campaigns with different agencies and platforms, optimizing their ad spend based on Adjust’s attribution reports. “When I’m using Adjust I can make a better deal with the digital agencies.” This data also helps Netzme with re-engagement campaigns: “We use Adjust data to identify points where re-engagement is useful, and we are working with our product team to use our own in-app features to keep users engaged.”

Vicky notes Adjust’s ability to track uninstalls as particularly useful to Netzme’s goals: “The most interesting part for me is the uninstall rate because the Adjust dashboard is not only about the marketing campaign itself. It also gives me insight into whether my product is well-accepted … Is the communication inside the app effective or not? This is quite important and it makes me and my team happy [with the service]” Adjust’s uninstall and reinstall data can be tracked and reported in our client’s deliverables and cohorts reports as brand-new events. This enables you to identify ways in which your app can be improved and will inform you of when users need to be engaged and brought back to your app. Tracking uninstalls and reinstalls will therefore help you prolong user’s LTV and increase ROI. To learn more about Adjust’s uninstall and reinstall tracking, read our feature announcement.

If you’d like to learn more about Netzme and the company’s goals you can visit their official website. Indonesian speakers can also enjoy video highlights of their community-based efforts on the company’s YouTube channel, Netzme TV. You may also be interested in Adjust’s guide to mobile marketing and how not to fail in Asia.

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