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How Marketing Automation Can Help Small Business Increase Revenue

While digital promotion is one of the major contributing factors to small business growth and overall success, some are having difficulty adapting to these new technologies. Not only has the number of channels to deliver key messages increased considerably, but digital marketing can also involve a variety of labour-intensive and repetitive activities. 

With so many ways to attract and then engage with existing and prospective clients, it can seem like it’s almost a full-time job to manage all of these multiple channels effectively. Thankfully, marketing automation can help. 

What is marketing automation? 

As the name probably suggests, Marketing automation is a technology that is used to automate and streamline many of the most important marketing activities. Businesses can use this software-based automation to improve the efficiency of marketing processes, while also increasing revenue, as well as keeping costs down. This kind of technology is used to manage marketing campaigns across various channels, allowing businesses to automatically send messages to their client base. 

Marketing automation reduces the repetitive nature of marketing by enabling businesses to automate processes and execute campaigns, allowing them to measure their impact. It gives marketers and sales staff more valuable time to get creative when focusing on clients with the most potential. While it doesn’t remove your entire workload, the goal of marketing automation is to help you work more efficiently. 

How can automation help? 

Marketing automation has almost become a necessity for many small businesses as it automates many labour-intensive processes, restructures workflows, and quantifies the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. But the full scope of automation goes far beyond simply optimising staff workloads and automating repetitive marketing tasks. This automation software allows you to optimise website pages, create calls to action, decide which customers to focus attention on, and many other lead management capabilities. 

The full scope of this software also offers a wide range of other tools for search engine optimisation, email marketing, closed-loop analysis, and other aspects of multiple channel campaign management. Once you know which content leads are engaging the most, you will be able to score more leads by presenting similar relevant content, accessing more progressive profiling, and setting up triggered emails. 

Increase internal team productivity 

When marketing automation is set up correctly, it can help increase sales by automating the more time-demanding responsibilities in lead management processes. Simply by growing the number of qualified leads, marketing automation software increases the efficiency and productivity of internal teams by freeing up time to focus on these relevant leads at the right time during the decision-making process of clients which results in a higher number of sales. 

Through integration with already existing sales systems and marketing activities, the process of lead management will generate stronger teamwork and cooperation within small businesses. From lead generation, nurturing, and qualification, to overall CRM integration, automation software can help marketers as well as sales teams boost productivity and strengthen their methods of internal cooperation. 

Increase the LTV of your customers 

Automated marketing processes can be used to do much more than simply distributing relevant content automatically to attract potential leads and prospects. This technology-based personalisation enables you to significantly boost the LTV of customers by accurately tracking marketing web pages and emails with content that’s been customised, especially for them, including offers used to cross-sell and up-sell.  

By maximising the relevance of individual content for each particular customer and providing information on what content is clicked or downloaded, the LTV of customers, the success of marketing efforts, and the amount of revenue can ultimately all be increased exponentially.

Creating more personalised marketing campaigns for lead generation can then be associated with each lead profile to determine additional courses of action based on individual needs and preferences of your customers. 

Increase your sales team’s conversion rate 

With industry-leading marketing automation techniques and tools, you’ll systematically be able to use data to direct your sales teams towards the best prospects, which improves lead quality and increases conversion rates. Marketing automation also allows your sales team to time their follow-up contact with the perfect moment for lead engagement. 

Making use of marketing automation tools and techniques, this type of personalised, persuasive, and perfectly timed automated lead follow-up can considerably improve conversion rates. In fact, many companies who use automation software for marketing campaigns and other tasks have seen their conversion rates increase by half. 

Scale beyond your current reach 

While this software does automate some processes so you can build solid relationships, marketing automation doesn’t turn your brand into a faceless robot by writing the campaigns for you. Instead, this technology allows you to sustainably scale marketing efforts with multiple prospective leads at the same time across different channels by providing them with consistent experiences despite different needs and interests. 

When your business relies on manual marketing efforts, your reach is always linked directly to the size of your team. But with marketing automation, businesses can quickly and easily scale their campaigns and processes which will allow them to reach more prospective customers with much less effort than manual marketing.

By using automation software such as webinars, you can close your leads at scale. You are no longer constrained by the physical limits your salesman can close on a perfersonal level, webinars offer benefits of being able to engage with your prospects during the chat. There are a plethora of webinar software out there to help you scale your sales efforts, regardless of the size of your business. 

Ultimately, there’s nothing better for an ambitious small business than having the power to reach an audience that is hundreds of times the size of their current marketing team or their customer base.   

Improve your marketing strategy 

Having a successful business in the digital economy of today is virtually dependent on having an effective marketing strategy. By taking advantage of automation software, you can improve your marketing strategy for a better relationship between your customer and your brand that allows your business to grow exponentially in the long run. 

The best results from marketing automation software are usually the product of thoughtful strategy that lives up to the objectives and the benchmarks of your brand. Whether it’s about using content solutions, generating leads, or adopting cross-channel management, marketing automation software can improve the strategy to increase both sales and revenues overall. 

“Traditional marketing didn’t allow for direct interaction with customers. The old way was about giving just enough information to customers so that they would need to enquire to learn more. Since moving to digital marketing we now offer a higher level of engagement and interaction. Our clients can do their research and are much more educated when they contact us, plus they are instantly connected with us through various digital marketing channels.” – Elias Haddad, Company Director of Cheapest Load of Rubbish, Australia’s leading rubbish removal company.

Because marketing automation is so effective at increasing revenue in the digital age, it should come as no surprise that it’s become an essential aspect of most small businesses. By learning how to incorporate this automation software into your updated marketing plan could be all it takes to launch your small business up to the next level and beyond.

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