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That Technology That Enables Advertising And Safety Messaging To Move With Its Audience

A prime example of futuristic innovation seamlessly integrating with friendly audience interaction

Which technology enables advertising or safety messaging to move with its audience? The answer is iWalker, the wearable digital signage with built-in facial detection technology, delivers targeted and measurable content to the right audience, where other media can’t reach.

Now, iWalker stands out in the crowd. The ultra-bright LCD screen is elevated over the wearer’s head to form the centrepiece of iWalker, bringing targeted, measurable content to life. This is a prime example of futuristic innovation seamlessly integrating with friendly audience interaction: iWalker is portable advertising that connects messaging with digital audiences.

Operating on Nomadix’s very own cloud-based digital signage platform called Halo, content can be created, scheduled and launched from any PC or Mobile device. It’s content control and management in a few clicks, it’s that easy. iWalkers can display any type of content from stunning static imagery and dynamic video to live social media feeds – with or without stereo sound. 

The human element of iWalker makes audience engagement easy, simply add a tablet to the mix to build sales leads, permission-based data capture or gain market research. Their world-class gamification technologies can provide interactive moments that drive retail rewards, loyalty and data capture benefits. Understanding your audience is also easy with iWalker, thanks to integrated facial feature detection software because surprise not, this software is capable of measuring four distinct age groups and gender, detailed viewership analytics and data at your fingertips.

But that’s not all. World-class technologies are not the best part yet, what they offer in their package plans is something to live for.

  • iWalker Package Only: USD375/08 hours per day. Overtime after 1800 to 2400hrs 50% increase to daily rate. 
  • iWalker with one manpower to carry iWalker Package: USD435/08 hours per day. Overtime after 1800 to 2400hrs 50% increase to daily rate. 

It does not stop there. Video and other content to be used during the event or campaign to be provided by client which is to be loaded in the iWalker prior to commencement. Email them for more info or directly contact Mohamad Sulkhi of Mobistudios Pte Ltd at +65 97304548! Oh, did we mention that Mobistudios Pte Ltd is covering all the ASEAN countries? Don’t believe us? Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

If many are wondering, as for the suitability, iWalker has been used very successfully across the globe to target and deliver advertising, promotions and safety messaging by many brands like: Reed Exhibitions, Mastercard, Levi’s, Chanel and Samsung as well as sectors such as Local Government Authorities, Charities, Health Services, Police and major Retail destinations. 

The technology is perfect for any industry who wants to make sure their advertising message or communication is unmissable. The sunlight readable screen also means that the iWalker displays striking visuals both indoors and out. Here are some examples to wipe off that confusing face of yours.

  • Events : providing wayfinding and sponsor & exhibitor exposure.
  • Shopper/retail : Delivering promotional codes and deals to shoppers where other media can’t reach in busy crowds. 
  • Brand / Agency : Marketing & experiential campaigns including data capture for sales leads and consumer engagement through gamified mobile to screen content.
  • Security Services : Enabling the delivery of targeted safety or security messaging. iWalkers can be easily deployed in crowded areas for management or security agencies. 

Ah, one more thing, during these unprecedented times of COVID-19 it’s more important than ever to keep your audience informed and safe. iWalker is a perfect way to display social distancing messaging and real-time location updates in high footfall locations. Now, that is something.

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