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The Joy Of Giving, Shipping World & Empowering Communities With Nizar Shariff

The hard truth of the shipping industry, stories from the ground, government policies & more

Photo by J W on Unsplash

The ex-entrepreneur and shipping tycoon, Nizar, is the Founder & Chief Food Taster of Free Food For All, a registered charity in Singapore that serves the less privileged of all races and religions, emphasising specially to the elderly, disabled, and financially distressed. They serve the nutritional needs of individual families and provide empowerment campaigns.

Having to experience the lifestyle and money that changes him from the shipping industry, Nizar took three months off from work to help charity organisations. Little did he know, most of these organisations weren’t transparent which made him start one on his own. With his efforts needed, a and mutual feeling of fulfilment, he left his business and focused on his charity full time. A simple man who has walked the ground and wants to continue to walk the ground, his only interest lies for the betterment of society, ummah and country.

In this episode we talk more about the hard truth of the shipping industry, stories from the ground, government policies & more.

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The Caliph Podcast is a Muslim lifestyle podcast show based in Singapore. Founded and hosted by Khairul Soly, the podcast features the inspiring life stories of successful Muslims from around the globe. Follow them on Spotify and website.

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