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Mohammed Faris, ProductiveMuslim: Productivity, Barakah Culture, Ikhlas & Intentions

He left his good paying job, moved to the US and started going all in on ProductiveMuslim where nothing was certain

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The executive coach, best-selling author and speaker who also holds a Masters of Science in Leadership and Organisational Development, Faris, is the founder of The Productive Muslim Company which offer faith-based productivity trainings, seminars & retreats to over a million followers across the world. He is also the author of the best-selling book “The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity.”

In 2014, he was added to the list of World’s 500 Most Influential Muslims. Two years later, Faris received the Islamic Economy Award in the Media category for his valuable contribution to the development of the global Islamic Economy. 

Starting from a test blog in 2007, Faris tried out the first concept of ProductiveMuslim while he was a student. Few years later, he landed his dream job as a banker with a whole lot of perks but at the side, ProductiveMuslim was growing as well. After weighing his options, he and his wife came to a point of choosing the latter just because of one quality – Meaningful. With that calling, he left his good paying job, moved to the US and started going all in on ProductiveMuslim where nothing was certain. He held on to his beliefs and vision.

Bit by bit, things started to open up and got better. Faris found the momentum and started delivering productivity workshops in cities across the world as well as online. He was supported by a dedicated team of sincere and hardworking volunteers who helped transform the personal blog into a full-fledged training company that it is today.

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The Caliph Podcast is a Muslim lifestyle podcast show based in Singapore. Founded and hosted by Khairul Soly, the podcast features the inspiring life stories of successful Muslims from around the globe. Follow them on Spotify and website.

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