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Optimistic, Determination And Persistent. It Is Your Time To Shine

Everyone’s timing is different

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I was not a straight A student in high school. I got A’s for SPM English and Bahasa Melayu subjects and that’s it. The rest of the subjects were more of B’s and C’s. I felt I was a failure. My school was classified as one of the cluster schools in Malaysia. Thus, the majority of my friends were either straight A students or got more A’s in their SPM. 

Looking at my friends celebrating their life after high school of being accepted to top local and overseas universities broke me down. I got an offer from UiTM – at that time UiTM was dubbed as a consolation university by many. 

My dad passed away during my first semester. His untimely death made me lose focus in my studies. I didn’t get a high GPA in my degree. I thought I was a loser. 10 years have passed. I wanted to reclaim my lost mojo. I’ve grown and evolved as a person. I didn’t want to give up even if it took me years. I got a Distinction for my Master’s degree in the UK. Alhamdulillah. I am now completing my PhD. 

For those who were not straight A students or didn’t have a great GPA, don’t be disheartened. Your grades are not the only indicators of your real talent, potential and intelligence. Everyone’s timing is different. When it’s your time to shine, no one can stop you as long as you are optimistic, determined and persistent. 

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Sharimar is passionate about branding and currently completing her PhD research in Place Branding at University of Leicester. Having worked directly with CEOs, she has developed confidence in working with people across the organisation and nurtured multi-skills including event coordination, presentations, speech writing, marketing, storytelling and public relations. Follow her on LinkedIn.

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