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Ways To Drive Yourself Towards Job Opportunities During Pandemic

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses equally gives you a clearer picture of the present

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Finding a job during a pandemic is not easy, but still possible. With a staggering number of Indians being laid off during the COVID-19 outbreak, people who have been looking for work are finding it especially challenging. However, you can certainly use this time effectively to ruminate in retrospect. Maybe, now is the right time to realign and nurture your aspirations and here’s how.

Rejuvenate your goal. Simply rewind or take a sneak peek into a flashback to understand what you always wanted to be. Realise your ambition. Search for that one profession that you feel is made for you. Work towards it. Make a yearly plan, then make it into four halves (quarterly) and keep on working on your plans by segregating short term and long term goals. Then, reconnect with your goals and how you want to mould your career. Focus on what you want to achieve.

Soul searching before you plan your next move. This is one of the most important aspects most people ignore. Once you are aware of what you wish to do, the next step is how to reach there. You may want to conduct a SWOT analysis. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses equally gives you a clearer picture of the present which can be then utilised to better your future. Be apprised of what you lack and focus on improving those areas to get your dream job.

Metacognitive learning techniques and pragmatic thinking. Metacognitive learning allows you to “think about thinking”, “knowing about knowing”, becoming “aware of one’s awareness” and higher-order thinking skills. This type of self-learning mechanism is the best form of understanding. Utilise your time in understanding the concepts related to your field of study. Try to envision where the concepts can be put to use. Primitive pedagogies of rote learning are of zero use if one is not aware of their application in real time. Reading, learning, understanding and applying are distinct processes. This especially applies to the jobs of medical practitioners, architects and engineers.

Seek guidance from leaders. With ample time in hand, one may search and connect with the leaders of their fields. Follow their work to understand what they did and how they reached there. Seek their help when in doubt as their guidance can aid you with your subject, immensely. Such experts can render priceless advice and suggestions for your career.

e-Learning. Numerous e-learning platforms and skill-enhancing programmes are operating online today. Such ventures offer boot camps (offline and online) to train and refine the talent to make them job-ready, no matter how complex or crucial the field. For instance, there are incubation labs to hone the skills of the professionals. It not only empowers learners by upgrading their skills but is also instrumental in leading the right type of talent to the right opportunities. In today’s time, quarantined at home doesn’t imply being away from opportunities. The virtual world is observing traffic like never before. If a tectonic shift in remote working is happening worldwide, how can remote learning be far away?

Last but not the least; Don’t give up. Victory will come to those who are persistent, innovative, and optimistic. The night is always darkest before dawn. But when the sun rises, it shines bright and casts away every sign of darkness. It only depends on what time we rise to reap the benefits.

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