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Yoga Poses For Office Workers To Reduce Stress At Work

These simple office yoga postures do make one more relieved

Young female office worker stand in yoga pose stretching leg using chair.

There are many consequences of working for long hours while in the office. In many cases, people use computers to work in different niches. The average working time is eight hours a day. The sitting posture can make the shoulders, neck, and hands stiff. If one follows yoga poses for office workers recommended by Vasanar, back pain and neck strains will be things from the past. One should take some time during the day to stretch out to stay healthy.

Start with Breathing

Before you indulge in any yoga pose, a deep breath is very vital. It creates relaxation hence preparing you to take the next step.

Yoga Seated Posture

Begin by getting seated on the chair and leaning against the backrest. Inhale and put hands above the head during exhaling; twist the body to the right; this is done by placing hands on the right side of the armrest on the right side to support you. Some offices do not have chairs with armrests. The best way to do seated yoga is by placing your right hand on your seat behind your pelvis and the left hand on your right thigh.

The next step is stretching your spine every time you breathe; this permits your body to extend further into the pose. Each pose should last for 60 seconds on both the right and left sides.

Rolling of Shoulders

The strain that fingers and shoulders are exposed to requires creative ways to reduce stress at work. Fingers stroke the keyboard, and shoulders bend in a posture that enables one to concentrate in front of a computer.

Shoulder pain can paralyze your work hours to become less productive. Here steps that one can take to reverse the pain. Inhale and bring your shoulders up towards your ears and bring them back down. As you breathe out, get them at the front and back parts. This process should be repetitive two or more times.

Bending Forward with your Legs Wide Open

It is the kind of yoga pose that many people have done without realizing that it relieves workplace stress. When collecting a fallen pen or paper copies while in the office, posture is mostly used.

One starts by standing up and moving the knees and feet a little wider. Rest your hands on your hips. As you breathe out, fold forward from the hips and be careful not to hurt your spine; hence it should remain straight. Bending the knees is another move to modify the posture if need be.

Remain in this position for quite some time, then move your hands down the legs. The spine goes around while in this position; a healthy backbone triggers a productive human, bringing in success at the workplace. After holding on for a few seconds, pull back using your leg and abdominal muscles.

Conclusively, these simple office yoga postures do make one more relieved. The pain of sitting for long hours remains a thing of the past. Yoga also helps the circulatory system by preventing different diseases like high blood pressure and muscle tension.

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