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Publication Dates Update: 11 May 2020 to 16 May 2020

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Hey hey! How’s everyone doing this week? Check out the publication dates for the upcoming week guys! In the meantime, take care and stay safe. TTFN, tata for now.

11 May 2020

  • A New Normal – Is The Best Yet to Be?
    Author: Shaun Jayaratnam [new contributor]
    Country: Singapore
  • Evolving Consumer Behaviors and Habits Driven by the Times
    Author: Ian Santos
    Country: Philippines
  • Get To Know Sadiq Hussain, Tedx Speaker, Content Creator, YouTuber and Podcast Host of “The Purposeful Mindset”
    Author: Kartina Rosli
    Category: Talking Pod
  • Byline: The A–Z Guide Of LinkedIn Scheduling
    Author: Editorial Team [Thomas Lore]
    Country: Asia

12 May 2020

  • Blogging On The Fly
    Author: Per-Ola Hammar [new contributor]
    Country: China
  • Digital Marketing in Malaysia: How Do I Get Started in 4 Simple Steps?
    Author: Travis Saw [new contributor]
    Country: Malaysia
  • Get To Know Josh Quek, Managing Director, Xaxis Singapore
    Author: Geogy Ross
    Category: Talking Pod
  • Inilah Point Kritikal Yang Tak Boleh Kita Tinggal Dalam Portfolio Design
    Author: Zahin Syahiran
    Country: Malaysia

13 May 2020

  • Get To Know Arianne David, Founder of Innovation Love
    Author: Jennette Cajucom
    Category: Philippines
  • How A Technical Vocational School Embraced Digital Technology In The Midst Of COVID19
    Author: Irene “Chum” Flores [new contributor]
    Country: Philippines
  • Ikut Langkah Ini Jika Ingin Menjadi Autoriti Dalam Bidang Anda
    Author: NSE
    Country: Malaysia
  • Start With One
    Author: Jwan Heah [new contributor]
    Country: Malaysia

14 May 2020

  • Advertising, Print Or Digital?
    Author: Sanjeev Kumar Sanju
    Country: India
  • Do You Know the Rules to Having a Successful Direct Mail Campaign?
    Author: Everest DMM [new contributor]
    Country: Asia
  • Get To Know Lisa Utzschneider, Chief Executive Officer Of Integral Ad Science (IAS)
    Author: Zu Anjalika Kamis Gunnulfsen
    Category: Talking Pod
  • What Is A Webinar and How Can It Help Your Business?
    Author: Arvin Unabia [new author]
    Country: Philippines

15 May 2020

  • 5 Ways to Repurpose Your Marketing Content
    Author: Designloka
    Country: Malaysia
  • Get To Know Fayza Mohamed Amin, Managing Director, HP Inc Malaysia
    Author: Zu Anjalika Kamis Gunnulfsen
    Category: Talking Pod
  • How Development In Analytics Technology Is Changing Business Strategies
    Author: Nuralia Mazlan [new contributor]
    Country: Malaysia
  • How ROR Saved a Company during Covid-19
    Author: Lai Chee Seng
    Country: Malaysia

16 May 2020

  • Framing Isn’t Exactly A Groundbreaking Topic
    Author: Arthur Koh
    Country: Singapore
  • Get To Know Navneet Kaur, Founder Of Yours
    Author: Zu Anjalika Kamis Gunnulfsen
    Category: Talking Pod
  • Thinking of Having your own Website?
    Author: Leylord Marcelino [new contributor]
    Country: Philippines
  • Turning Crisis Management
    Author: Shaun Jayaratnam
    Country: Singapore

Signing off,
Geogy Ross
Editor-In-Chief, Marketing In Asia

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