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Publication Dates Update: 25 May 2020 To 30 May 2020

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How’s everyone doing this week? Salam Syawal to those celebrating.  Hope everyone here will have a blessed Raya and fantastic break. As usual, check out the publication dates for the upcoming week guys. In the meantime, take care and stay safe. Don’t eat that ketupat and rendang too much, yeah? 

25 May 2020

  • Byline: Customer Contact Trends for the 2020s
    Author: Editorial Team [Dr Nicola Millard]
    Country: Singapore
  • Pandemik Dalam Stoikisme
    Author: Rendy Tsu [new contributor]
    Country: Indonesia
  • Personal Image And Self-Worth
    Author: Zu Anjalika Kamis Gunnulfsen
    Country: Singapore
  • Take It Seriously! Working From Home Is No Joke
    Author: Maria Dolores Garner Florentino [new contributor]
    Country: Philippines
  • Byline: The Gamer Is Dead. Long Live Mobile Gaming
    Author: Editorial Team [Tom Simpson]
    Country: Singapore

26 May 2020

  • COVID-19 Stopped Everything!
    Author: Maria Dolores Garner Florentino
    Country: Philippines
  • Empathy: The Human Approach To Leadership
    Author: Shaun Jayaratnam
    Country: Singapore
  • Preparing For Life After Covid-19
    Author: Nira Macaspac [new contributor]
    Country: Philippines

27 May 2020

  • Learning To Write Engaging And Effective Content
    Author: Julian Canita
    Category: Philippines
  • Tips Asas Membina Autoriti Industri Dalam Pasaran Yang Anda Ceburi
    Author: Khir Khalid
    Country: Malaysia
  • Ways To Get Creative With Social Media This Year In 2020
    Author: Kristen Smith
    Country: Asia

28 May 2020

  • Get To Know Alvin Soh, Founder & CEO Of Brand21 Asia
    Author: Zu Anjalika Kamis Gunnulfsen
    Category: Talking Pod
  • Revolutionizing Media and The Impact
    Author: Andrew Kanan [new contributor]
    Country: Malaysia
  • Safeguarding The Future Of Smart Cities And Homes
    Author: Leslie Chung [new contributor]
    Country: Hong Kong

29 May 2020

  • Get To Know Babak Kazemi, Founder, Babak Kazemi
    Author: Zu Anjalika Kamis Gunnulfsen
    Category: Talking Pod
  • How Your Brand Strategy Ignites Love
    Author: Laura Quigley [new contributor]
    Country: Asia
  • Know The SEO Basics
    Author: Leylord Marcelino
    Country: Philippines

30 May 2020

  • 86 Filipinos on LinkedIn Share Their Top Career Advice
    Author: Virginia Bautista
    Country: Philippines
  • Business And Marketing Lessons From “Restaurants On The Edge”
    Author: Kartina Rosli
    Country: Singapore
  • What Marketers Should Know About Social Media Sentiment
    Author: Luke Fitzpatrick [new contributor]
    Country: Australia

Signing off,
Geogy Ross
Editor-In-Chief, Marketing In Asia

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