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Publication Dates Update: 6 July 2020 To 11 July 2020

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Bonjour. Hola. Konnichiwa. Merhaba. Ni hao. How’s everybody doing this weekend? Hope everyone here is having a fantabulous time with their loved ones. As usual, check out the publication dates for the upcoming week guys. TTFN, tata for now.

6 July 2020

  • Apakah Bisnes Yang Berpotensi Tinggi Pada Tahun 2020?
    Author: Azleen Abdul Rahim
    Country: Asia
  • Returning To Work In The “New Normal”
    Author: Joanne French [new content creator]
    Country: Asia
  • Transitioning To The New Normal
    Author: Heather Fernando [new content creator]
    Country: Philippines

7 July 2020

  • 5 Freelancing Mistakes You’re Making Without Even Realizing It
    Author: Nikita Lakhiani
    Country: India
  • Get To Know Homam Alghorani, Founder Of Rockstars.Media
    Author: Kartina Rosli
    Category: Talking Pod
  • How A Durian Man Nailed Employee Branding
    Author: Lai Chee Seng
    Country: Malaysia

8 July 2020

  • Common Facebook Ad Issues And How To Fix It
    Author: Julian Canita
    Country: Philippines
  • How COVID-19 Dawned A Renaissance In Affiliate Marketing
    Author: Editorial Team [Stuart McLennan]
    Country: Singapore
  • Lessons From “The Last Dance” That We Can Apply In Business
    Author: Arvin Unabia
    Country: Philippines

9 July 2020

  • Entrepreneurs And Work-Life Balance
    Author: Editorial Team [Andrea Strand]
    Country: Singapore
  • How To Ace Your Online Job Interview
    Author: Maria Dolores Garner-Florentino
    Country: Philippines
  • Why We Do And Don’t Listen
    Author: Pete Pereira [new content creator]
    Country: Malaysia

10 July 2020

  • 3 Ways To Go About Instagram And Web Design Collaboration
    Author: Jack Dsouja [new content creator]
    Country: Asia
  • Get To Know Myke Celis, Author Of #BestMeEver & Celebrity Life Coach
    Author: Jennette Cajucom
    Category: Talking Pod
  • If You Say Then You Must
    Author: Apollo Angco [new content creator]
    Country: Philippines

11 July 2020

  • 3 Tips For Brands To Navigate Risk Of Data Non-Compliance
    Author: Editorial Team [Charles Mi ]
    Country: Asia
  • 4 Tips for Getting In the Affiliate Marketing Business
    Author: Editorial Team [Jason Dunlap]
    Country: Asia
  • Boosting Your Brand Reputation Through Testimonials
    Author: Kartina Rosli
    Country: Singapore

Signing off,
Geogy Ross
Editor-In-Chief, Marketing In Asia

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