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Publication Dates Update: 15 June 2020 To 20 June 2020

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Yet another week gone by. Wow, that is sure fast. How’s everybody doing, by the way? Hope all is great. As usual, check out the publication dates for the upcoming week guys.

15 June 2020

  • Before Deciding To Cancel Your Digital Campaigns Due to COVID-19, Read This First
    Author: Edwin Deponte [new contributor]
    Country: Philippines
  • A Mission To Bring The Human And Authentic Element Into Brands
    Author: MIA Deals Team
    Category: MIA Deals
  • What Brands Can Learn From ‘Driver-Master’ In This Pandemic
    Author: Editorial Team [Aqueb Safwan Jaser]
    Country: Bangladesh

16 June 2020

  • Effective Methods To Improve Marketing Campaigns On Facebook That Produce Results
    Author: Sofi Ahmad
    Country: Singapore
  • Is Remote Working Here To Stay?
    Author: Shaun Jayaratnam
    Country: Singapore
  • Marketing Competitions: What’s In It For Undergraduate Students?
    Author: Editorial Team [Zamilur Rahman Shuvo]
    Country: Bangladesh

17 June 2020

  • Get To Know Kingsley Warner, Country Manager, VIU Malaysia
    Author: Zu Anjalika Kamis Gunnulfsen & Geogy Ross
    Category: Talking Pod
  • Keeping The Sparks Alive In A Client-Agency Relationship
    Author: Kartina Rosli
    Country: Singapore
  • Mohammed Faris, ProductiveMuslim: Productivity, Barakah Culture, Ikhlas & Intentions
    Author: Caliph Podcast [new contributor]
    Category: Podcast

18 June 2020

  • Revival Of Global Tourism – Hope Amid Uncertainty
    Author: Sanjeev Kumar Sanju
    Country: India
  • Saluran Komunikasi Digital Efektif Untuk Pemasaran Peniaga Kecil
    Author: Khir Khalid
    Country: Malaysia
  • Shopping Habits Have Changed, So Should Businesses
    Author: Editorial Team [Suroor Anwar]
    Country: Asia

19 June 2020

  • How TikTok Analytics Can Boost Your ROI
    Author: Octavianus Rizky Aryanto [new contributor]
    Country: Indonesia
  • Let’s Talk Sustainable Fashion
    Author: Zu Anjalika Kamis Gunnulfsen
    Country: Singapore
  • That Moment When You Landed Your First Job
    Author: Ameirul Anwar Mustadza [new contributor]
    Country: Malaysia

20 June 2020

  • Customer Engagement: The Targeting Endgame
    Author: Sanjeev Kumar Sanju
    Country: India
  • Get To Know Cindy Burdette, CEO And Founder Of AllCare.io
    Author: Jennette Cajucom
    Category: Talking Pod
  • Tips For Running A Successful Small Business
    Author: Patrick Watt [new contributor]
    Country: Australia

Signing off,
Geogy Ross
Editor-In-Chief, Marketing In Asia

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