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From The Chief’s Desk: What Happened In Q1?

Marketing In Asia’s Editor-in-Chief shares her updates

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Our co-founder, my team of incredible editors and myself had a dream – a dream to make MIA as the cooooolest marketing magazine in Asia. Funnily enough, we even call ourselves MIA6 and we have one mission and that mission is to be cool, unique and different. Fast forward several months later, our dream no longer seems far-fetched, in fact, we’re already halfway through the finish line. Not bad for a year and a half magazine, eh? Heck of a ride if I do say so myself, but in this short time, we managed to achieve a couple of things. 

Community. In this period, we have built a community of fantastic individuals; sharing ideas, insights, news, commentaries, all to inspire the Asian community with great stories, and some in North America too. Since January up till the 2nd of May, we have welcomed a total of 29 contributors to our ranks, making it a total of 137 contributors all over Asia and North America. On behalf of Marketing In Asia, I would like to welcome each and everyone of you to our community.

MIA6. Strategising and planning on what’s best for the magazine is never an easy job but it sure is fun. To run the magazine better and efficiently, we no longer have editors for each country looking for contributors, instead we have decided the best way to move forward is to centralised everything around six great individuals, all with their very own forte.

Career In Asia. On 11th March, we launched Career In Asia – CIA for short, of course – a collaboration with SCIKEY, a research-backed global talent commerce company, to offer an AI-powered online recruitment portal for brands and marketing professionals in Asia to advertise and apply for marketing jobs available across Asia. Wanna find a job or even post a job? This portal is definitely for you.

Conversations. Now, this part I would honestly say is our “to-die-for” section – Talking Pod is a big hit; in the month of March and April respectively, we had a whopping 23 interviews! Cool, huh? With Meet A Marketer catching up and Roundtable Talk – our latest section, gearing up, this is just the beginning for these paid sections. 

MIA Deals. We added this menu with one thing in mind: to help businesses be visible. A special menu, it is about you sharing the details of your company, products or services with the audience via a short write up. It’s a hard sell section, defo, but we make it ‘softer’ via the Q&A mode.

Cool Stuff. Yes, like our name, Marketing In Asia, marketing will always be the backbone of this magazine. However, we understand the need to adapt with the current trend and with more contributors offering topics that are slightly “off-limits” from marketing, Cool Stuff was added to accommodate such contributors. Topics on Leadership, Life, People, Entrepreneurship, Tech, Freelancing, Sales, and Career are some of the topics that we accepted – of course, with our Editorial Team’s discretion. Whoops.

Write For Us. Now now, contributors, don’t forget to submit your article here. We are actively accepting published submissions, and as of today, you can view your article’s publication dates. For those interested, get yourself into the bandwagon to share your thought-provoking ideas, opinions or insights. Sign up here to be our new contributor and write regularly.

Promote Your Brand. This is where the fun begins. We want you to use the right channel to shout to the right audience at the right time. Don’t be the Invisible Man, because your awareness strategy across Asia starts here. Duh. For media agencies, companies, or anyone at all who wants to share their press releases, this section is open for you guys too. Hey, for you peeps, this one is on us, no charge. Don’t worry, be happy!

Statistics. Oh, the favorite question. Well, I’ll be honest. MIA is like what? A year and a half old, plus minus? Yeah, somewhere there. Despite that, if you Google for something that has ‘Marketing’ and ‘Asia’ keywords there, you will find us right at the top of Google Search’s first page. That’s authority right there, and not trying to brag, but I think we are very good at building one. As of April 1, 2020, our internet ranking based on Alexa is at 431K, again, need I remind you that we are still a baby lah. Our monthly impression across the internet is at 207K that translate into 6.2K clicks with more than 25.6K page views in total, for now.

These numbers are increasing rapidly each month in parallel with the growth of our personalised content. Social media part? On LinkedIn, our monthly impression on average is at 15.9K. On Twitter, the impression is getting better by the day, which is now at 26.3K. Facebook is a bit different. They’re err, kinda not friendly when it comes to organic and us not being a fan of paid ads, let’s just say at the moment our stats on the monthly post reach is at 2,033 with 2,300 organic followers. So, yeah.

LinkedIn Icons. Yes, here we are. We have just released the third edition of 100 Most Inspirational Linkedin Icons In Malaysia You Should Follow In 2020 and make sure you guys get ready for a crazy ride this July, August/September and November. What? You need a hint? Well, I don’t normally spoil surprises but okay. July has something to do with the word ‘rising’ while August/September is from one of the Asian countries. For November, there’s no harm done in sharing because we did the list last year.

There you go. That’s about it from me on the updates of Marketing In Asia’s Q1. If you have any questions, feedback, ideas or suggestions, get in touch with us via our LinkedIn or Facebook. We are more than happy to hear from you. Take care guys.

#StayHome #DudukRumah #KitaJagaKita

Signing off,
Geogy Ross
Editor-in-Chief, Marketing In Asia

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