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Contactless Working and Contactless Hiring: The New Way Forward

Years of remote working have already proven that it is as effective as working in an office if managed well

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“Social distancing” has become one of the highest used words globally and “Work from home” has become the most popular way to work in the times of global lockdowns. While the unprecedented lockdowns, increasing infections and deaths bring gloom, it will not be too long when humanity will bounce back and move forward with business. However, this time it will not be ‘Business as usual’. The work methods will change and maybe become a norm in the post COVID19 era.

Businesses will stand up again and so will the jobs, however the enforcement of social distancing will certainly make a lasting impact. Global and even local travel will reduce significantly as companies will initially try to contain cost and practice social distancing for some more time to ensure their safety. Eventually, the benefits and habits will make it a standard.

SCIKEY estimates that post COVID19 era, acceptance of working remotely will give a boost to hiring remotely as well. Doing face to face interviews will move more toward digital methods and working will be completely enabled from remote locations. This will bring added advantage to companies as they would be able to hire people from across the world without worrying about the boundaries and physical presence. Companies will also not worry about paying fixed salaries, but may rework their hiring to become more flexible for them. It will not be a surprise if companies are asked to pay extra for asking staff to work from the office.

Platforms like Upwork, fiverr, SCIKEY, etc. that will enable remote talent hiring or contracting and remote delivery will gain a foothold, as a new business model of ensuring companies of finding and deploying right talent remotely will emerge. Jobseekers may also look at multiple opportunities and create more than one stream of revenue, making remote working more beneficial and convenient to all.

Years of remote working have already proven that it is as effective as working in an office if managed well, but social mindset made people work together in offices and common locations. Social distancing for a prolonged period will break this habit and soon, companies would find more value making people work remotely either full time or part time to save money as well as get flexibility.

Less travel, more opportunities and more time will impact established businesses like office real estate, travel and the commuting industry but will bring cheer on many other fronts as well. Better family life, less expenses and better environment will be the natural outcome of this shift.

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