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5 Effective Strategies To Boost Your Holiday Sales

Businesses are pulling off different strategies to stand out in the crowd of competitive marketers, wanting to attract more customers and boost their sales before the festive gift giving season ends

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How are your holiday marketing strategies working out for you? With Christmas, Hanukkah, Boxing Day and New Year fast approaching, swarms of people are on holiday shopping spree to complete their lists before the big day. Stores are restocking their shelves, cash couriers are on a roll, security companies are on full alert. 

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) and Roy Morgan’s 2019 pre-Christmas predictions estimated Australians to spend almost $53bn before Christmas. Russell Zimmerman, Executive Director of the ARA, perceived that $4.17bn will be spent on clothing, footwear and accessories; almost $8bn on “other retail,” which covers online; and is set to deliver the strongest increase (3.7%) across all retail categories. 

Some shoppers are more inclined to last-minute purchases in hopes of getting bigger discounts or finding better deals; while others prefer to buy gifts early to avoid the holiday craze and the stress of being in a rush to get an item before it’s sold out. Businesses are pulling off different strategies to stand out in the crowd of competitive marketers, wanting to attract more customers and boost their sales before the festive gift giving season ends. 

To secure new and existing customers, here are five marketing strategies to help boost your holiday sales:

Personalise Your Website. Nowadays, almost all brands have their own website. A poorly designed website will negatively affect your sales. People are most likely to judge your company’s credibility based on your website, and whether or not they will do business with you. Factors such as structure, colours, fonts and contents can make or break a business. A personalised website can reach and influence more customers. How? Make every customer feel that everything on your website is just for him/her. It must be designed to please your customers.  

One great idea is adding a popup message that greets customers and offers discounts for their first purchase. Or you can give out reward programs and loyalty coupons for your repeat customers. You can feature blog posts on your website, like Tips for a Hassle-free Holiday Shopping or The Perfect Christmas Recipes for Your Family. Make your content simple yet fun to read, informational yet relatable and can capture a wider market. 

Increase Your Online Presence. Let more people know about your product or brand. And what’s more effective in today’s digital world than promoting it online? Everyone has their own mobile devices, computers and easy access to the internet. According to OpenX and The Harris Poll’s study on consumer shopping ahead of 2019’s holiday season, the majority of shopping is now expected to happen digitally. Sixty-nine percent of millennials will use their phones to shop this holiday season. 

Since customers now prefer online shopping, then you may have noticed a plethora of ads posted everywhere. You can see them when browsing the web, in different social media platforms and other digital channels. This is an effective way to raise awareness about your business and increase sales at the same time. 

Another important consideration is to make your website mobile-friendly so your target market will be more motivated to purchase products from you. Promotional offers like free shipping, online contests and product discounts can also influence your customers buying decision.  

Make Your Brand Memorable. So what makes your brand unique? What makes it stand out from the competition? Promote your company’s unique selling point. Add more effort into marketing your brand’s identity, not just your product. Make your brand memorable so your customers will think of you first rather than your competition. Give them more reasons to invest in your business. 

Think about a distinctive offer, something more personal. For example, if you offer eco-friendly products or gift wraps, then your customers will find you as a socially and environmentally responsible company. This will particularly attract those customers who want to take an active part in making a positive change in society. If you support fair trade and ethical labour policies, let them know. Tell them your story or the activities you have in support of these movements.      

Appeal to Your Customer’s Emotions. It is no doubt an effective element in attracting buyers—emotional appeal. Your brand needs to evoke strong feelings like pride, fear, anger and happiness to attract the attention of your buyers. The holiday season, for example, ignites a feeling of excitement and delight. When you effectively appeal to these emotions, you inspire your customers to make you part of their holiday shopping. 

Use seasonal designs and incorporate them into your website, print materials and promotional copies, packaging, labels and brand logo. When you apply seasonal branding on your marketing campaign, you give your customers a more festive vibe when they see or hear your brand.  You can add decorations in your store that uplifts the holiday spirit and make the customers feel more inspired and happy while shopping. Make them feel special and important by giving out holiday gift guides, free gift-wrapping, or providing personal shopping assistants. 

Provide the Best Customer Service Experience. According to Facebook’s 2019 Holiday Marketing Guide, there are six global trends this holiday season and one of them is that shoppers won’t tolerate bad buying experiences. They stated that shoppers are engaging with brands across multiple channels before making purchases and are less willing to suffer any inconvenience or friction when it comes to getting what they want.  

Which is why it’s important to provide the best customer service experience. By strengthening the relationship with your customers, you get added assurance of brand loyalty. These loyal customers will turn out to be your own product ambassadors, spreading the good word to their family and friends, bringing in more customers. Further, more customers means more sales. And the cycle continues.  

It is undeniable that the holiday season heightens the people’s purchasing behaviour as they buy gifts, Christmas ornaments and groceries in preparation for the festivities. It is considered as a key sales period for businesses and retailers. However, amidst all the frenzy, let us not forget that it is also the time of celebrating customs and traditions, sharing a special meal with family and friends and establishing lifetime values.

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