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Is Digital Marketing The Future Of Marketing?

“Hey, this is what I can do and it works.”

Digital marketing has been on the rise lately and if you think about it, almost everything is digitised that at times you forget that this wasn’t the norm back then.  Marketing has evolved over the years so it’s not a surprise that it’s leaning more towards the digital side and to be fair, it reaches out to the world faster that way, especially if you want to spread the news of a new product or an event that’s coming up. It’s truly something worth evolving but is it really something we should continue to depend on as we move forward towards the future?

If you were to look back over the past year, you could easily see that a lot of industries had grown and is continuing to grow which causes the marketing platforms to also grow along with them. In the past, when it comes to a marketing strategy, you think of ways to run campaigns and promote events that sometimes take up a lot of your time but now it’s slightly easier with the use of modern technology. Digital marketing does depend a lot on websites, email campaigns, digital advertisements, basic social media management, and basic blog publishing.

It is also worth to note that digital marketing means going global which used to be a bit of a struggle last time because you would always have to fly to a different country each time when you want to set up a meeting to discuss the future of the company as well as the partners collaborating with you.  It is also an advantage when you start a campaign and with enough followers on your social media, it would then reach more people as long as they continue sharing your blogs or posts and they could even comment on your content to share their opinions without actually having to go through so many things to speak with you directly.

However, you can’t simply rely on your social media alone because you would still need to come up with other methods of marketing strategies that would help reach out to millions of people worldwide. What do you propose would be a good idea? If digital marketing is truly the path that we are led to then should we be doing the best we can to embrace it and evolve along with it? Or do we stay stuck in the past and struggle to keep up with the times? There really is no right or wrong way to do something because all that matters is that you are trying every method available to you in order to announce to the world that;

“Hey, this is what I can do and it works.”

It may not be what you expect and it may not even work but if you truly believe that digital marketing will lead you places, then isn’t it alright to go with the flow? So in the end, is it really the future for marketing? Perhaps it is but you’d have to stick around long enough to find out, don’t you?

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Ruzanna Lisa is a social media junkie and wordsmith. Follow her on LinkedIn.

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