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4 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2019

As the social media landscape is changing at a fast pace, it’s important to cope up with the latest trends to ensure a successful strategy.

2019 will be an interesting year for digital marketing and social media. The reason might be backed by the constant change happening in the social media industry. Can anyone of us guess what will be the most important social media platform in 2019 for brands and businesses?

As the social media landscape is changing at a fast pace, it’s important to cope up with the latest trends to ensure a successful strategy.

Here are 4 key platforms to keep an eye on for 2019:


Now a day the whole world is talking against Facebook. All the leaders and specialists started showing reasons for not spending money on Facebook for your business ad. Absolutely I agree with them. Facebook is facing a crisis due to data privacy issues, and the young generation is moving towards Instagram. We also have seen 300% plus price hike for Facebook ads in last one year. In spite of facing all these hacks on FB, I always love to be there when people start leaving that place. But still, my suggestion would be to stick to Facebook for business ads in 2019. Soon you will understand that I am not telling this whimsically rather this is backed by systematic thinking with a number of valid reasons.

The reasons are:

  • The number of users is increasing day by day on Facebook, particularly, between 30 to 65+ age and they are being super active on that platform. We have seen how our parents, uncles and next door neighbor get highly active on Facebook. It means it is a great time to market your product on Facebook to project to the decision makers.
  • The second reason – Yes though the ad price has increased by 300%, it’s still worth the price. Even if you compare with print, TV or radio its way cheaper and able to bring much better results and moreover you can use the data to analyze your target market.


My most favorite platform in social media is Linkedin. This will be another game changer platform in 2019. I think this is the best platform right now to get the most organic reach from your business page. Even not only that Linkedin is undoubtedly the best platform for personal branding. And my suggestion is that personal branding will be the key in 2019. If you can do a good personal branding and then align it with your business goal, it will bring some tremendous results.

My suggestion for Linkedin users will be to be active on Linkedin the way they are active on Facebook or Instagram. If you are not sure how to play with it, then it’s better to spend more time on it or follow someone who is highly active in it. Keep sharing your content, your thoughts on it and keep networking.


Chatbot created a lot of buzz in 2018, a lot of business has started to use Chatbot actively, so the game is on for Chatbot. But according to me, Chatbot could do a lot more in 2018. All the features are yet to be applied by the customers, within last year chatbot evolved a lot as well. 2018 can be recognized as a year for test and trail for Chatbot. But 2019 will be the best year where we can see a lot of growth and new execution.

Still, a lot of business haven’t activated chatbot. But I am sure most of the business will actively use chatbot for their social media and websites in 2019. And no doubt it will bring better conversions and make life easy.


If you ask me which one is the most potent social media right now for business and personal branding, my answer will be Instagram. It starts growing, and it is growing so fast! Adding new features and evolving of story feature will make it more amazing soon.

The most important feature is that most of them will start a career within next 1 to 3 years as the users in Instagram are 18 to 25, who may haven’t the decision making power right now. So running ads on Instagram can add super value to your brand. You will be on the top of mind of future decision makers. So when they will get the decision making power for sure they will try your brand! Even at least for once just to see how it is.

As a marketer, I can’t wait for these trends to come into more significant effect, and to change our lives for the better. As always, 2019 will prove to be challenging as marketers seek to adapt, but new tools and options will enhance the consumer process, and provide new ways to connect and convert in real-time.

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