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Azleen Abdul Rahim

Here’s One Easy Way To Attract New Readers To Your Blog

The virality is not only organic, the sharing pace is absolutely unbelievable too.

Sustaining the existing readers to keep on coming back to your blog is easy, but to attract new ones is another story. Frankly, it’s tough. There are many ways to grab new readers actually. Yet you don’t need random people to visit your blog. If you have random people who keep on coming back to your blog, the chances for you to convert them to a paid customer will be slimmer than slim. You need people who can appreciate your article, and engage with you further when they finish reading it instead. That’s how blogs convert visitors to paid customers.

Like I said there are so many ways to bring attention to your blog. But almost none of these ways are sustainable and organic. To my eyes, they aren’t classy. Furthermore, you need to do it single-handedly. This will take a lot of effort and money. Ended up, you will easily get tired as you go along.

Try these instead – involve real people or real brands when writing your next article, and let them know about it.

I give you two examples, and here is the first one. If you noticed in the Marketing In Asia magazine, we are constantly running a set of interviews with marketers and business owners from all over Asia. We even have it on our main menu. In this section, we interview specific people whom we think has a great substance and knowledge whom our readers can learn from. The other criteria we set prior to identifying the right people to be interviewed is his or her followers. We need to be strategic on this, as it will ensure that the targeted group is the people we are looking for. So, when the article is published and shared, that person will eventually feel proud of it and eventually share the article out on his or her social networking platforms.

Take note of this second example. Recently we wrote an article about a list of iconic Malaysian whom you should follow on LinkedIn. Again, we involved people in it. After just a day being published, it received a five-figures view without having to sweat. How come? Well, the people who are listed there shared the article out to their followers right after they noticed that their names are there. Hey, I would do the same if my name is listed there, wouldn’t I?

This way, it will work wonders. Try it out if you don’t believe me. After doing these two types of article, I am getting easily 30-50 new LinkedIn connection requests every single day. Hey, these are the right type of connections that I am searching for and they aren’t random. Instead of I search for these people with a chance of 50-50 of getting accepted if I were to send them a connection request on LinkedIn, I made them come to me instead and enjoy a 99 percent chances of getting accepted as their first connections. Furthermore, it is me who is going to accept it and not them.

Imagine what I can do with these right people at my disposal. This is what I called sustainability. Involve the right people when writing. You will get the right crowd for the incoming traffic to your blog. The virality is not only organic, the sharing pace is absolutely unbelievable too. And the best part is, you don’t have to pay any social media platform or SEO a single cent.

Now that is classy.

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Azleen Abdul Rahim is the Co-Founder of Marketing In Asia. He also runs NSE, a social media management company. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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