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Azleen Abdul Rahim

Want To Be Searchable Online?

All you need is to have a commitment of time, a bit of a taste, awesome visualisation or the feel of the story you want to write and a great level of know-how in translating those into words.

Hire a great storyteller, who can write engaging content for you.

If you want your brand to be within the first few pages of Google Search, Yahoo or Bing, your corporate website must have a blog section. This section should contain as many great articles as possible. And never ever stop growing it further.

There are two routes you can take when creating articles. One route is to write all of the articles on your own. This is obviously the cheaper route, free actually. All you need is to have a commitment of time, a bit of a taste, awesome visualisation or the feel of the story you want to write and a great level of know-how in translating those into words. Cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to content creation. Most companies that attempt to create their own resource fail to make it front page for two reasons. First, they lack the time to regularly and consistently create great engaging articles week-in week-out. And second, they simply do not know the relevant keywords techniques needed to suit the mechanism how those search engines work. The other slightly more expensive route is to hire a storyteller who is a powerful content writer too. These people are not only well trained back in their university days, but also own a special kind of capability and creativity to do this. Let me tell you this, these people are rare.

Now I am listing down a list of pros and cons of hiring a professional content writer for your website, blog or social media. Let’s check them out.

The Cons. It’s the investment. On average, the financial requirement is between RM2,300 to RM3,500 per month to hire a professional writer. They can be called either a blogger or a copywriter if you want to. Actually, it is very much dependent on the price per word being proposed by the writer. In certain cases, it can be cheaper too, or more expensive dependent on the complexity of the article, your industry niche, article length and volume per week.

The other concern that tag along with the investment is this. Some companies believe that the hired professional writer won’t be able to write content with the same level of knowledge and passion as someone in the profession being written about. The assumption may be true to a certain level especially when the professional writer isn’t experience enough to do extensive research prior to the engagement.
In reality, professional writers will do an extensive research on the industry and topics to be written before agreeing to a contract with a client. Majority of professional writers, if they find they lack certain information, they will quickly ask their clients a few questions for verifications to deliver the best piece for the website. Or they will professionally decline the offer altogether.

The Pros. There are numerous benefits to companies that hire a content writer to create quality resources for their website or blogs. The most obvious one is the commitment of creating regular articles week-in week-out. With the commitment, comes the fix schedule of the exact timing each article will be published. Besides the commitment, the rest of the benefits include, continuous improvement on your brand’s ranking in the search engines that will eventually bring in more web traffic, and more revenue. When crawlers or algorithm sent by Google, Yahoo and Bing to crawl your website to index your articles are being updated with more quality content regularly, your articles will acquire continuous authority with these search engines.  And that higher authority acknowledgement would then translate into higher rankings for your website.

Imagine when your website is being parked at the first page or maybe second page displayed by Google, Yahoo and Bing for certain standard keywords search, obviously you as the business owner will be super duper happy. Why, because such ranking like that will definitely bring large numbers of potential clients to your website. Some says that being ranked on page two in Google search is practically worthless when it comes to getting business, but we tend to disagree. There are many cases where displayed websites within the first page doesn’t fit the criteria that person is searching for. Hence, he or she will start to look for something more accurate within Page 2 or 3 or even 4 and 5 of the list within the Google Search display list until something that make more sense to him or her is found. Regardless of what other people say, just have faith in what you do.

So, is your brand searchable at the moment?

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Azleen Abdul Rahim is the Co-Founder of Marketing In Asia. He also runs NSE, a social media management company. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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