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Azleen Abdul Rahim

SEO: Let Me Explain It To You In Plain English

One of a very few ways to boost, establish and strengthen up your brand is via creating or curating your very own content. I shared with you several skills on how to develop a cool interesting content of your own.

Ithink you know what SEO stands for, don’t you? Search Engine Optimisation, that’s what it is. But do you understand what does it mean?

SEO actually means how to make sure that you and your content can be found by search engines and since you’re already 70 years old and too old-school to understand all this technical stuff, I will explain it to you in plain English then. Don’t worry too much about those technical wordings like crawly, algorithm, virtual robots thingy that put on ranking on our sites and so on.

In my previous article, one of a very few ways to boost, establish and strengthen up your brand is via creating or curating your very own content. I shared with you several skills on how to develop a cool interesting content of your own. So, in this article, you will understand more of getting your contents out there and get hold of some readers’ eyesights.

It is about time to become a vacuum cleaner, and suck in those traffic to you using SEO.

Lets start with a Search Engine. As you know there are a few leading ones such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Mozilla Firefox. Their main function is to provide a searching service to us human. For example, if you use Google to search for a Cheese Cake in Kuala Lumpur, Google will go out there into the virtual world of the Internet and comes back to your screen with the best images, videos, blogs or articles about Cheese Cakes. It also put up some good reference, people’s reviews, recommendation of where the best shop or sellers to buy it from, the locations and a lot more. Maybe it also shares some good recipes too.

These results will ensure that you are delightful with the outcome. This is what Google must deliver. Google will search for the best and accurate references specific to your need. If Google shares with you sloppy results for your search, you probably might not want to use Google any more and instead use other search engine services from Microsoft’s Bing or Yahoo!

Then how do we get our stuffs to be recommended by those search engines? This is where SEO is involved. Well, for those search engines to recommend and pick up your stuffs to readers who search for those information, your stuffs need to be ranked within the first few pages. To get them ranked high, below are key things that you need to do:

Your content must be excellent and precise. You need to read my previous articles to get hold of how to come up with a well written content. Like it or not, those are the key criteria of great contents. Search engines love well written contents.

Spice up your content. Besides texts, search engines love to offer variety of contents to those who search for things. Multimedia, images, infographics, videos, presentation slides and many more types of ways you can use to spice up your contents.

Precise keywords that make sense. Take a look at this article for example. Even the title that I put forth here is very precise and full of keywords that I want those search engines to hunt for. SEO: Let Me Explain It To You In Plain English – This sentence has a couple of specific words for them to look for. That is only for the title. If you notice, the content has far more specifics as well. In a nutshell, do not make generalise statements as they aren’t friendly to search engines.

Your content must address certain needs. Do not curate an article or create a content that do not solve problems. I will go and find something in the search engine because I need to find it due to a need arise, so there you go. I won’t waste my time searching something I do not need. I would rather do something else.

Lots and lots of content that goes back to you as a source. When you do a lot of contents, you will generate a lot of keywords that directed back to you as its main source. Search engines love contents and will definitely hunt for more. They love it because people who search for it love it, as simple as that. Build large number of contents, you will be building trusts along the way. You will be known as a trustworthy content provider in your niche.

These audiences that notice you and visit your contents are called organic traffics. Organic is a term used to refer to audience who notice you based from recommendations by word-of-mouth. Some people, they wish to quickly boost visitors into their contents by paying and advertise in the search engines. These is called paid traffics.

Well my friends, I guess you understand what the heck is SEO by now and how it works. Remember this. Search engines are made by human to be as human-like as possible. It goes back to human and the humanisation of everything that you do.

So, stay human to get noticed in the internet land!

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Azleen Abdul Rahim is the Co-Founder of Marketing In Asia. He also runs NSE, a social media management company. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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