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Azleen Abdul Rahim

Hello, This Is My Card

Algorithm economy makes people’s glued to their smart gadgets most of the time. This is a fact we can’t deny and the epidemic seems global.

The best marketing method is all method.”

That is what you need to believe in and continue to do so in the future. It may sound simple to some people but not to you as a wise entrepreneur. You need to see it in a different way. You need to see it in a fundamental way. You know that riding on any on-going trends without thinking, is a formula for disaster. You also notice that there are many variables to consider prior to making a decision on the best approach to execute your marketing plan. Target audience is one of them. When you see the type of audience today, they are separated by age-group. The market coined them as Baby Boomers, GenX, GenY or Millennials and now there is Generation Z. Each of them own different type of habit. Mapping those habits with the products or services you own is not easy. You need to know as well where are they normally ‘hang out’ at, and your brand presence needs to be right there at the right time to catch their eyeballs.

Algorithm Economy. Algorithm economy makes people’s glued to their smart gadgets most of the time. This is a fact we can’t deny and the epidemic seems global. Due to this, almost all entrepreneurs and business owners out there build their brands through their social media channels, website and blog platforms, creating content like there is no tomorrow and busy making sure that their brands are discoverable on search engines. Digital initiative is a must now, and you can see this phenomenon before your very eyes once you power up your devices. Not to mention, there are many statistics that back this trend too, telling people how powerful it is and how disaster it will be if your brand isn’t part of it. If you are at a stage where you need to build massive awareness and initiating credibility, online is the way to go. It is fast, effective and cheap. However it has two major limitations.

One, the main purpose of digital marketing is to bring people offline and that is it. It can’t go beyond that. When AirAsia initiates a marketing campaign for example, the main objective is for consumers to purchase airplane tickets and bring them offline to board their plane and go travel. When Booking.com blasts their email newsletter every week about the latest promotion on their list of hotel rooms available for the next holiday season, they want you to book one and enjoy your holiday by sleeping in any of the hotel. When Snappars Publishing establishes its marketing campaign, it basically wants the people to know that self publishing a book is so easy, and you should write one yourself by simply email them your details. By bringing the online audience offline, they become paid customers of yours and try out your products or services.

Two, it simply lacks depth in the sense of creating strong professional bonding and relationships to spark interest to make a purchase. You simply can’t build stronger bond in the online world but possible to do so physically. When customers are using AirAsia to travel, book hotels via Booking.com, outsource your content to NSE and publish a book via Snappars Publishing for the first time, they are actually putting their trust on a test. The trust being put online must be tried out and test it physically. Then only they will be find out whether the brand is trustworthy or otherwise. You can’t test drive a car online, can you?

When you successful bring your potential customers offline to the physical world, this is the moment where you will meet them. This is where you build your credibility as the brand owner or entrepreneur behind the brand. Normally during the meet up, business cards are exchanged.

Here’s My Business Card. Now imagine this. You are a cool charismatic entrepreneur. You hardly give out business cards because you thought of giving something more impactful after all the hard work of getting these people offline for a face-to-face meet up. Since you already self published a book, you decided to give them your book as a business card.

The customer’s eyes will open wide after that. By making yourself stand out against others, you are making your brand and your personal brand memorable to them. It will be so impactful, that encourages them to not only scan through the book but also closely becoming your fan on social media channels, check out what else do you do in your website, or may even consider of buying your products and services right away. By making a book as your business card, you are creating a great tool to make them remember you, your brand and what you do. That book will also showcase to everyone that you’ve successfully distinguish yourself as a great entrepreneur, a class above others. In less than 10 seconds, your first impression is beyond words and trust is gained immediately after that.

Come on, how many people they know that write books? Close to none. You could be the first they know first hand that has a book of your own. Try this powerful marketing method, self publish a book yourself and give a copy to them as your business card. Then look at their face.

You will see your victory right there.

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Azleen Abdul Rahim is the Co-Founder of Marketing In Asia. He also runs NSE, a social media management company. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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