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Luxury Travel Show Presents: Las Ventanas al Paraiso

At Las Ventanas, you are royalty.

Credit: Tom from The Good The Bad And The Luxurious

Why do we measure every resort from the scale of Las Ventanas al Paraiso?

Have you ever felt sad when a good novel or a good web series ended? You wanted that story to go on, you didn’t ever want it to end. This is what Las Ventanas al Paraiso makes you feel. Read how.

Kate and I have been to this resort five times and every time, this place has left us content for the moment and yet with a longing to come again. Located on the dramatic convergence of sun, sand and sea on the desert coastline of Los Cabos in San Jose del Cabo in Mexico, Las Ventanas al Paraiso is incomparable. As Kate often says, “It’s not just the beauty, which is plenty here, it’s just the way they make you feel, the amount of attention they give you.”

Of Course it comes with a price, it’s luxury afterall. But you take away with you an experience of a lifetime every time you touch base with Las Ventanas. When we first discovered Las Ventanas, we had pre-booked a taxi. It cost us $60 for one way. It’s usually a big SUV that they send from the hotel to the airport. It’s decked with chilled beer, water, candies. This is where it all started — our lasting love affair with our most favourite resort. From the moment you step inside that taxi to the time you are bid goodbye, the resort staff ensures it’s not only flawless but also personal. Kate and I believe nobody has ever been able to perfect that so far, not to this level.

The Las Ventanas welcomes its guests with tequila shots and authentic Mexican music. You are greeted by the Mariachi band. If you are an adult, you get this foam tequila shot while the children get a foam non-alcoholic drink.

You get in and instantly you feel the breeze, the smell of white sand and white structures everywhere. You instantly feel at home. The villas are stunning. But you get a variety of options. From villas to bedrooms to ocean views and gardenviews, from family villas to honeymoon villas — there’s something for everyone.

What strikes you immediately is the openness of this place. No matter which type of residence you choose, you will feel open and fresh all the time. It looks like a white desert but with ocean and lots of water bodies or pools. The smallest details usually stick out in our minds whenever we come here. A special mansion that you can book here has its own fireworks and unlimited drinks. Imagine! Fireworks happening just for your family.

Personalization like you have never seen before

I cannot stress this enough — they understand what personalization is, they know what it means to truly pay attention. As the Sun moves through the day, and if you are lounging at the pool, a staff member constantly comes out to move the umbrella — he/she makes sure you don’t’ feel the sun directly or it’s not too hard on you. I truly believe they are at least five steps ahead of what their guests are thinking or wishing.

Two, you get your own butler. As you are shown your villa/residence, you are introduced to your own personal butler. He is literally at your service all day long. I remember once we wanted to ask something about how the staff are trained here. We dropped a message at the reception. During the day, we were on the other side of the beach. An executive came all the way there to deliver the information about training. So if you want something, they find you and they give it to you — that’s the level of personalization.

Three, not surprisingly, the staff members remember everything about your family — your preferences, your taste, your names. How’s this possible? Do they note down things about their guests? I may ask them next time.

At Las Ventanas, you are royalty

Kate feels like the resort treats you like royalty. No wonder some of the staff members have worked for royal families in India and the Middle East in the past. They know how to story-tell. They share the experience of how they have been treated well.

The living experience of Las Ventanas

The suites open to the vast expanse of the ocean that shines brightly as you hear the sound of waves crashing throughout the day. The Infinity Pool is so stunning. Best part is you can swim up to where you get drinks and food. You can stay at this pool all day long and they will provide whatever you need.

You get the best tacos and the best fish here.

The nights are especially gorgeous. You will see a beautiful tree all lit up in night lights whose shadows fall on to the pool. There’s the option of waterfall dinners. You are surrounded by waterfalls and pools and they will lay down your dinner right there. It’s so romantic.

Among their many restaurants is an Indian restaurant that we absolutely adore. We especially love their Naan bread.

Once we got to meet the chef who is an Indian of course. But here’s the fantastic fact. This chef had served in a Royal Family from India. He wanted the authentic Indian tandoor to cook all those dishes. So the resort brought it all the way to Mexico. Beat that now.

Talking about drinks, there’s a massive wine cellar that houses the most amazing collection of wine. But our favourite part is Tequila Tasting. There’s a small bar with stunning colourful glasses hanging up the ceiling, giving it a very dramatic look. Meet the Maestro Tequilero -the man who helps you navigate this beautiful world of ageing tequilas. You can choose from an array of aged versions of tequila -from 80 years to 150 years. We once tried the most expensive tequila shot that cost us $350. If you buy two, the second one comes in $300.

Also, please try the welcome massage at the spa. It’s 15 minutes of absolute bliss. As you head to the sauna, spa and jacuzzi area, you are given this welcome massage. They have a gorgeous lounge with white structures and trees around, there’s a waterfall and heavenly music playing for you.

The king breakfast and the emotional goodbyes

You must pre-order your breakfast. And it’s all included in the pricing. The idea is by the time you are awake, they have your breakfast laid out for you wherever you want. I always recommend that you should say — I want everything. So they bring in all they have cooked for breakfast. Every single item in their breakfast is a delight — croissants, pancakes, bacon, eggs how you want them, different types of breads, teas and coffee, juices — you name it.

I am not an emotional person, neither are our two boys — Joshua and Luke. Yet our boys cried when they were given their goodbye gifts — two tiny pillows with their names written on them. They have special goodbye gifts for everyone and Kate has collected them all over the years.

Now picture this. They take all your things and luggage out, you sign off and get in your car. There’s a staff of 15–20 people all lined up before your car. The moment your car starts to move, they all start waving and keep waving until your car turns. This is the point where I have cried every single time. It’s like they are genuinely sad you are leaving, and they want you to come back. And when you do, they will remember everything about you. How amazing is that?

I will conclude with saying what Kate tells her friends -Go there once before you die.

Visit Las Ventanas al Paraiso to make your booking or if you want to know more, listen to our podcast Luxury Travel .

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