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How To Survive In A New Work Environment

Here are some tips that I personally practice to accelerate my adaptability

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I start seeing more people getting a new job when the business starts to open during conditional movement order due to the COVID-19 pandemic despite some being laid off. Congratulations to those who get a new job recently. 

How do you adjust yourself to a new work environment? Here are some tips that I personally practice to accelerate my adaptability when starting in any new work environment:

  1. Be punctual according to the company’s official working-hours mentioned in the offer letter.
  2. Don’t go out of the office for breakfast after the working hour starts. Having it in the pantry is still acceptable.
  3. Avoid gossiping with the new colleagues, especially bad-mouthing about the management. Evade negative vibes that distracting your motivation.
  4. Make an effort to have lunch with as many different groups of colleagues as possible. You will get to know more people within your company in a short period of time.
  5. Volunteer to take additional tasks and responsibilities. Offer to help your team member if you have not been assigned to a specific task yet. As a new member, you need to prove that you can provide added value to the organization.

Observe new working culture and values. Learn to adapt quickly. Be mindful when you are communicating either verbally or via email.

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Professional with more than 15 years' experience in managing multi-discipline oil & gas facilities improvement projects with a profound interest in corporate strategy & planning and stakeholder management. Ameirul is a winner of Carigali Hess Operation Excellence Suite Award 2018. An MBA holder and obtained Professional Certified International Project Manager, PCIPM from American Certification Institute. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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