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5 Encouraging Things To Say To Help Someone In The New Normal

That is why more than ever, we need each other for support

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It’s not easy adjusting to the new normal. We need to let go of things, habits and people too; we’ve gotten used to before which do not serve us anymore. We need to learn new ones in order to adapt to the changes around us. And in between, we have to manage our emotions — our fears, anger, sadness, anxiousness among others – so that we can focus on moving on and forward.

That is why more than ever, we need each other for support. Know that in your own space, in your own little way, you can help someone feel and become better in the process. 

Don’t know how to start? Here are some things which you can say just to make someone else’s day. 

“I hear you.” Sometimes there are things left unspoken. Come from a space of love and understanding and let the other person know that you are there and that you recognize his needs. It helps people remember that they matter during trying times.

“I am just here.” Some people may not be ready yet to openly ask for help. Don’t force them to do so. Just remind them that whatever happens you are just there to support them. Give them enough time and space so they can muster enough courage to finally speak up.

“What support do you need?” Offer help. Just because you can. Remember, you are very lucky to be in that position and not the other way around. Initiate. That can do wonders in the lives of others. When people see help being given willingly, receiving becomes a little bit easier.

“Hang on.” It’s good to be reminded at times to keep on fighting and trying. Because giving up should never be an option at this point in time – giving it all you got, is. As Dory, in the Disney film “Finding Nemo” says, “Just keep swimming!”

“All will be well.” Nothing is permanent in this world. The pandemic will eventually come to pass. And that’s the truth. Reassure others that they can hold on to hope. And that by doing their best and trusting themselves and the process more, they can eventually rise above and thrive in the new normal.

Now take this time to reflect: who needs to hear these? And make that first move to helping others discover their own #bestmeever amidst the new normal.

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Myke Celis is a Global Master Coach in Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy. This proud Unicorn known for his #bestmeever coaching platform is also a certified best selling author, international TEDx speaker, radio talk show host, serial entrepreneur and personal coach. Follow him on LinkedIn and website.

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