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Geogy Ross

Get To Know Josh Quek, Managing Director, Xaxis Singapore

Be brave and see beyond immediate performance metrics to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Hi there, Josh. What’s up? Welcome to Marketing in Asia magazine and it’s lovely to have you today. From the top, tell us who is Josh Quek. 

I’m Josh, a Singaporean born and bred. My educational background is actually in engineering, but fate has brought me into the advertising space where I get to work with so many smart and amazing people. Off work, I am the proud dad of a rescue dog named Bailey, and I am so glad to have her around during this circuit breaker period. 

Another fun fact about me is that I unfortunately was not gifted with cooking skills. But lately, I’ve been stepping up my game in the kitchen because of the very unique situation we’re suddenly faced with. Although very alarming, I guess the silver lining of these trying times is that all of us are slowly trying to adapt and trying to get a grasp of normalcy by improving on ourselves on a day to day basis.

Josh, here’s the gist of what we know about you. You have over 15 years of experience in the digital field, bringing in an extensive experience in client and stakeholder management. In addition, you lead the overall business strategy and operations for Singapore. Please, tell us more about your role in depth. 

Outside of my day to day role as Managing Director at Xaxis Singapore, I work with a young and diverse team which continuously inspires me into developing talents and helping them hone their skills. The youngest in the team is a 23-year-old Engagement Manager who worked her way up from being an intern at the company. My team also consists of members of different nationalities from all across the region as well as Europe. This has really enabled us to deepen all of our understanding of cultural differences and how our backgrounds can come together in the workplace. This makes for an incredibly dynamic team which pulls together in many different ways to deliver for our partners.  

I’m also part of the IAB Programmatic Committee which I have been over the past three years. This allows me to collaborate with my peers across the industry in the region to spearhead future digital developments that benefit the entire ecosystem. 

Xaxis is about combining unique brand-safe media access, unrivalled programmatic expertise, and 360-degree data with proprietary artificial intelligence in helping brands achieve the outcomes they value from their digital media investments. Walk us through how this works.

Advertising is about the consumers and the brands objective in communicating with them. With brand-safe media access, our expertise, 360-degree data and technology, we can implement robust and effective tactics on the campaigns we run. Our work is focused on observing trends and studying behaviours to be able to develop effective strategies for global and local brands to achieve real business outcomes that they value. In order to achieve success, it is also crucial to work closely with our clients and help them translate media metrics into meaningful business outcomes.

Josh, in your opinion, what can be the disadvantage of advertisers looking for the lowest possible cost? Why is this not ideal?

Simply put, cost is made up of many different factors. Each partner brings a different value proposition to the table and it is these unique insights and offerings that distinguish one against the other. Choosing a vendor simply because they offer the lowest price, ignores the business reality and requirements of the brands that we work with. 

To expand on this, I’d like to share a recent campaign which we ran for a Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) client. Our approach focused on our client’s overall business goal instead of just CPA. We delivered a campaign which achieved an effective CPA and also acquired new customers for the business. 

This was achieved by investing a bigger portion of the campaign budget into identifying prospective customers effectively. Xaxis also managed campaign frequency better to ensure it delivered a campaign that is aligned with our client’s business goal and not just trying to focus on lower funnel conversions.

Our approach resulted in greater unique conversions and revenue. This proved to be much more valuable to our client than focusing on lower funnel conversions just to achieve a lower CPA at all cost. 

How do you see the outcome of this programmatic expertise and artificial intelligence in the near future? 

Even with the continuous evolution of programmatic and artificial intelligence, experience tells me that human intervention will always be a significant part of the equation. This is why at Xaxis, we give importance to honing each and every member’s talents and skills to become experts at developing a deep understanding of our clients’ goals and intended business outcomes coupled with a deep understanding of programmatic and artificial intelligence. 

Before we end, any parting words from you?

In my role, I have the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking brands. So, my parting words are – be brave and see beyond immediate performance metrics to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers. 

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