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Geogy Ross

Get To Know Sebastien Caudron, Global Lead For INCATech

Creativity is instinct, instinct is driven by stimuli and technology is there to provide the right stimuli

Hey, Sebastien. How’s it going? Welcome to Marketing In Asia, and it’s a pleasure to have you here today. So, you are a digital entrepreneur who helped shape GroupM global content marketing strategy. Before we get to that, please share with our readers who is Sebastien Caudron. 

I’m a French national who moved to Asia 20 years ago as an expat. I created my first company in 2000 in the Philippines that specialised in offshore development. It eventually evolved to become the leading digital agency in the Philippines (Netbooster) that was acquired by WPP in 2013. During this time I’ve also ventured in BPO and e-commerce in several Asian markets including China and Indonesia.

Sebastien, you conceptualised and built INCATech, the tech and data platform of INCA, GroupM content marketing solution. From what I have read, INCATech is based on content data and derived variables to support efficient planning and buying for brands, in which its uniqueness resides in regrouping multi-channels content from multi-types creators to provide a holistic approach in content marketing. Walk us through how this works.

We basically connect brands with creators through data and AI. We first identify all meaningful creators in a market. By creator, we mean anyone or any organisation producing and distributing content. By meaningful, we mean impactful, safe and relevant creators. It can be publishers, influencers, celebrities, etc. What matters to us is that the creator has successfully built or is associated with an online audience: this is what we consider to be the metrics for success. 

We then build creator data. Through crawling and APIs, we gather content data. We use third party and proprietary AI models to generate derived data. At the end, we built a full creators spectrum including profile, audience, content and product data.

Data is queried and organised through our algorithms to generate value. We can associate creators to brands, recommend creative guidelines, propose optimal marketing mix, provide communication strategy insights, deliver competition and consumers information, etc. We’re basically an AI supporting all communication businesses. We also act as a link between brands and creators through vendors managed service or direct buy.  

Your proprietary algorithm uses real-time data to source, curate, and match publishers and influencers to a brand’s campaign needs to deliver the most credible partners and content for the greatest impact. What gives INCATech the edge over your competitors? 

We have integrated most social and web channels in our platform and we’re working with most creators types. Other platforms tend to focus on influencers from one channel (usually Instagramers). We’re thinking horizontally: we want to work with everyone who can be relevant to our brands because we believe they all play a part in delivering the brands messages.

We built our own AI infrastructure. We’re not dependent on business AIs products, costs and limitations. We build exactly what we want and what we need. Our algorithm is unique: we’re not making recommendations based on engagement or followers, topics, fraud, in target audience, etc. We’re making recommendations based on all of that, in fact we currently look at more than 80 variables to drive creators selection for example.

Tell us, Sebastien, how has marketing, branding and communication impacted the market today since the existence of technology, and how will it play its role compared to the past?

Technology is there to support decision making. It reduces risks for failure, optimise outputs, generates opportunities and brings coherence  across all communication businesses. Technology is becoming the core of communication. There’s no war between data and creativity. Creativity is instinct, instinct is driven by stimuli. Technology is there to provide the right stimuli. 

What is in store for INCATech in the future?

Wider use of AIs across all communication businesses. More values for brands, vendors and creators. 

For those who want to get in touch with you, how can they do so?

You can get in touch with me through here

Any parting words you want to share with our readers, Sebastien?

Get hooked to data. 

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