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Get To Know Aliasgar Abbas, Director (Malaysia) and Business Development (Asia) at VeriDoc Global

He is on a mission to eliminate counterfeit products and fraud

Hey there Aliasgar. Welcome to Marketing In Asia. You seem to have started your career as a Techie and now at VeriDoc Global, you are the Director for Malaysia operations and Business Development head for Asia. Please tell us about your transformative journey.

My calling is IT and I have been lucky to be at the heart of the IT evolution, working in multiple domains. Blockchain, software integration, financial solutions, and everything in between is where my passion lies. With over two decades in this journey, I have worked for global organisations like Merrill Lynch, London, and managed projects for private organisations and government undertakings in Malaysia, Singapore and most of the Asian countries including India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Opportunities that shaped my technical excellence comes from architecture, building and delivering  a range of solutions. Successful delivery of a major smart billing project and SOA implementation for a Southeast Asian utility company are a couple of noteworthy projects that gave me an edge in understanding the running of a business, with all the bells and whistles.

That’s interesting. We are aware that VeriDoc Global holds a patent for a QR code based Blockchain solution. For some of us who aren’t familiar with VeriDoc, perhaps you can expand and tell our readers what VeriDoc does?

Document frauds, like fake educational certificates, altered financial proofs and other forms of manipulation cost the economy several billion dollars worldwide. At VeriDoc, our vision is to create an honest and transparent future, by eliminating counterfeit products and fraud. To overcome the major pain points in existing verification systems, VeriDoc has developed a fully functional blockchain system. It offers a QR code based verifiable protection to your source of truth.

For example, a job applicant may submit a certificate – it could have been easily manipulated using software such as Photoshop, high-resolution scanners and digital printing. To confirm the validity of the certificate, making enquiries is usually a long-winding process. Now, the certificate, if it is issued through VeriDoc solution, it will be embedded with a QR code. It offers a fast and reliable way to verify the validity.  An employer can scan the document using any QR code reading app on a mobile device or computer. By visual inspection, the employer can then compare the untampered original with the document card and easily identify any changes and confirm the validity of the document.

The best part of this solution is that it can be integrated via APIs into an organisation’s existing systems too! My role at VeriDoc involves managing Integration opportunities, technical advisory and business development, all with a very efficient team!

Today we live in a generation where technology is always evolving. With the rise and growth of blockchain and cryptography, how do you see the future in this?

I have seen mixed reactions in the industry.  Being a techie, I believe that Blockchain holds a lot of promise, well beyond the digital currency, mainly because of its decentralised nature. Blockchain’s architecture supports many types of transactions – logging an event, signing a document, voting, allocating energy between parties, managing a supply chain etc. Therefore, it is considered as a core technology enabler for processing secure real-time transactions in various market segments.

In fact, global giants like Wal-Mart Stores and Visa, are trying to adopt blockchain to streamline the supply chain, speed up payments, and store records. At the same time, efforts are being taken by non-profit open-source projects to create efficient standards for commercial use of blockchain technology.

Aliasgar, in your opinion, how do you see the importance of blockchain and cryptography and how will marketing play its role in interacting in the future?

Blockchain-based product lines are emerging across multiple business sectors. IBM and Microsoft are driving blockchain as their clients are making the transition to cloud services. Accenture has a measurable market share as well. Our market study and experience too shows significant advantages in cost savings, efficiency, security, and compliance compared to traditional systems and business processes.

Government undertakings are also now open to investing in new technologies to prevent fraud and offer a secure, connected digital experience in the BFSI sector. This is also well supported by market analysis, which says that the global blockchain technology market size was valued at USD706 million in 2017 and is expected to grow into $60 Billion markets Worldwide, by 2024. Definitely, Blockchain is not a bubble, we will make sure that we tap the right segments and offer unprecedented solutions in the evolving market. 

Anything you wish to share with our readers, Aliasgar?

Blockchain solutions are not just for enterprises. To stop fraud, we are in the midst of building a simple solution that can be used by literally anyone who wants to securely share verifiable documents like contracts, certificates and any form of a document. 

For those who wish to get in touch with you, what is the best way?

To know more about us and the technology behind our solutions, you can visit our website and to get tips tricks, follow us on our social media handles and medium. Of course, for specific queries, you can always write to us at info@veridocglobal.my. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn.

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