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How To Disinfect & Sanitize Your Office During The COVID-19

It’ll also boost your working mood and performance.

Do you find a clean office attractive? Everyone loves working in a clean environment. It makes you feel energized and sometimes inspired. A clean and disinfected office proves the proper level of professionalism and clarifies to the client that the company is proud of its brand and employees. Using disinfectant on surfaces prevents the spread of cold flu virus and COVID-19. Now, one of the most crucial things to a neat and tidy office is to maintain it. By cleaning your working space, placing every item in order by filing your documents, cleaning your hardware and making sure the office is well ventilated. Below are the office cleaning tips on how to achieve office cleanliness;

Clean your working space

Most of the time, you find unnecessary paperwork lying on your desk, and it’s a clear indication you have not cleaned it properly. Collecting the papers and other items in a well-organized box can help clear the table. Then using a damp paper towel, wipe all the areas making sure no dust is left, use a disinfectant to spray around the cleaned surfaces to kill germs, a five-minute task and you are done.

Place every item in order

Functionality is the key to a good office design, and with a clear and clean desk, ask yourself, “Do I need everything back on my table?” If it is not anything that will make your work easier daily, there is no need to place it back. Return the required items one by one. Take pens, for example, and then sanitize them to kill germs and place them in a pen organizer. Dust and file the stack of papers you have been willing to work on to ensure everything is clean.

Clean your Hardware

Your computer and your printer are the most important items in your office, and thus care should be taken on them for maintenance, which will save you money to replace them each year. Do not use them in a dusty and greasy state. Always wipe your screen with a soft dry cloth, or use a cleaning fluid made for your monitor type, remove any fingerprint on the screen.

Protect your working area

Office facilities should be cleaned and protected against bacteria and viruses. There are a lot of professional office cleaning services that have ensured that protective equipment and cleaning disinfectants are being used in organizations. This process has prevented the spread of viruses from one infected person to another through contaminated touchpoints. The key areas being door handles, taps, kettles, stair rails and grab handles. Having facilities to control indoor air, like provision of fans and opening windows, is important. This will not only prevent the spread of the pandemic in the office but the whole country and globally.


It is almost impossible to change your life until you change something you do daily. Therefore, following the steps to maintain a healthy workplace daily will promote healthy living in the office and prevent germs and other deadly bacteria. It will also boost your working mood and performance. Together with cleaning the office properly, we can stop the spread of germs and diseases.

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