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How To Throw A Corporate Event For Fitness Freaks

They will be appreciative of the care, planning and effort took on their behalf

Corporate event planning is a challenge under the best of circumstances. In addition to the literally hundreds of details and decisions, there is the issue of negotiating the difference between what the clients want and what they are prepared to pay for, often a very wide gap indeed. If your client is engaged in a business that is more along the lines of a religion than a job, the process of planning a major event becomes even more complex. Planning for client needs is especially critical when your clients are members of the fitness industry.

According to Active Escapes, a fitness retreat in Noosa, people in the fitness industry make no distinction between work and life. Their work is their life, and the philosophy of physical fitness, or wellness as it is often called, dictates every aspect of their days: their activities, what they eat and drink, even where they choose to live and pursue their careers.

The Venue

First and foremost, keep the client in mind when choosing the location for the event. The venue you choose must have a large, well-appointed fitness centre. A lone swimming pool, even Olympic-sized, is not enough. At the very least, the centre must have treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary cycles, free weights and weight machines. Climbing walls and a space for yoga as well as basketball and tennis courts are extras that will be used and appreciated.

The centre must be large enough to accommodate the number of people who will be attending the event. Over the course of a day, it is almost guaranteed that every attendee will want to exercise for an appreciable amount of time. The location you choose must be able to provide enough equipment so that waiting times are minimal.

If possible, choose a hotel or convention centre that is close to outdoor activity centres such as parks with hiking trails or lakes for rowing. In winter, skiing and snowboarding runs will be popular. There are nearly as many ways to exercise as there are people who engage in it. Look for a location that will provide as many different choices as possible.


An event for fitness professionals can also seem like an event for picky eaters. You can be certain that the group will include people who adhere to restrictive diets of some type: vegetarians of all stripes, vegans and lactose and gluten intolerant. Fitness professionals are as conscientious about what they eat as they are about exercise, and your client may make specific requests about which foods to include and which to avoid.

When planning for meals, put the emphasis on fresh produce. Everyone eats fruits and vegetables, and since they are so versatile, a plant-based menu need not be boring or repetitious. Include some meat, of course. Simply prepared fish and chicken are good healthful choices and will appeal to any meat-eaters in the group. Include good quality cheeses and bread and crackers made from whole wheat. Nuts and yogurt also are popular with health-conscious individuals.

Beverage choices should include water, a selection of fruit and vegetable juices, coffee (both caffeinated and decaf) and teas of all kinds, including black, green and herbal. In general, don’t include sugary food and drinks such as soda, doughnuts and sweets like cookies and candy.

People who work in the fitness industry are passionate about what they do; it is not just a job but an entire way of life. They are also very sociable and outgoing since their work consists almost entirely of interaction with their own clients. They will be appreciative of the care, planning and effort took on their behalf.

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