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Why Every Pakistani Delivery Rider Suffers Due To Bad Tech?

Whatever the case is, the customers suffer

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How many times when we ordered a product, hoping to get it in time for that one special moment. The dilemma is that most of the time, it is never delivered in time. Sometimes it’s the warehouse problems, as in they ran out of the product. Sometimes it’s the delivery management service provider that lags in accuracy of the timing. Whatever the case is, the customers suffer. Thanks to the situations I shared earlier, ineffective processes and their delivery management system’s flaws. 

Let’s take a look at what could be done to improve the process. If one reviews all the processes involved in a single shipment one would encounter many flaws. Here are the main ones.

Poor Task Assigning.

Now, why would a delivery rider catering to the deliveries of the southern region deliver in the northern region? This is just one layer of dilemma we discussed earlier. This often happens when the dedicated region’s delivery rider is not working for a specific day. Now the delivery manager has to take care of the pending deliveries and he or she might use other region’s delivery riders for that.

This initiates messy situations and by the end of the day, the delivery riders end up with multiple consignments undelivered. Some of these might be because the recipient didn’t respond to the call, and a few of them could be due to long-distance detours. All of these problems can be resolved simply by organizing through GPS and pre-confirmations from the recipients. 

For this purpose, the right and dedicated delivery rider application must be used and the app must be robust enough to make sure that both the rider and the customer don’t suffer. Making sure that the routes are well aligned with the priority of the deliverance intact, suggesting the best route to the customer’s location. All can be done in one tap in the app. Not just this, it also must help the delivery manager to assign and manage the daily tasks with ease. With this being resolved there’s another thing that often turns out to be a pickle.

Live Traffic Update

We are now in the 21st century and Google is way more sensible, powerful and accurate than ever. Anytime when the traffic is heavy somewhere, the chances for the delivery rider to get stuck in the jam gets higher. To tackle this, the delivery management application can warn the rider beforehand about the traffic and at the same time it can also suggest an alternative route he or she can use.

The same thing will be notified to the customer to make sure that the customer doesn’t burst into flames upon arrival of the delivery rider who is just trying their best to escape a bad traffic jam. It’s always better to keep both parties aware of the situation to make the environment calm and productive. Since all the updates are being informed it is in the best interest of the customer and the delivery rider that traffic updates on routes be updated in real-time.

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