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Offbeat Things To Do In Ranong Thailand In 2021

Ranong offers an excellent opportunity to experience nature and different cultures in Thailand

Ranong is an amazing place to visit in Thailand for the year 2021. Ranong has a wet climate ad numerous fun activities and places to experience. Here are some of Ranong’s attractions.

Ranong HotSprings

This is a famed attraction that attracts many people to the Ranong area of Thailand. This is a place you can go with either family or friends and experience much-needed fun. There are both public and private host springs. The public ones are free whereas the private ones require a small fee. It is wise to go for the private ones and have some awesome time with your travel buddies. This kind of natural experience makes your travel in Thailand worth your while.

White Sandy Beaches

Koh Phayam, an island off Ranong coast, is an amazing area to enjoy the sandy beaches and experience the way of life of the humble people there. The island is very cultural and has its traditional look preserved. There is good accommodation including several bars and restaurants for refreshments. The people here are well reserved and use scooters and tractors for transport.

Enjoy nature at Ranong

Among the beautiful natural sites in Ranong is the bald hill. The hills offer a great view and are located a few kilometres off the city of Ranong. Being around nature is healthy, and this presents an excellent opportunity for that. Also, the Ngao waterfall is a nice natural waterfall to enjoy as the clear waterfalls and flows gently onwards. It presents cool temperatures as well. Also, experience the amazing sunset at Hat Chan Damri, which has eyecatching views.

Experience Ranong Traditions

As you travel to Ranong, you get the opportunity to witness and learn about people’s rich culture. You can escape the hustles of your daily city life and stroll down Ranongs cultural area where there are farming activities, and you can interact with people of a different culture. The Rattanarangsan Palace is also a tourist attraction and is filled with the culture of the people.

Ranong Canyon

Enjoy the beautiful Canyon and the beautiful nature around it. The Canyon has a park where visitors can relax and have some fun while touring the Canyon. Grab a group of friends and head to Ranong to experience the much-needed fun this year.

Ranong Night Calm

The city is well reserved and less crowded. It has a breath of fresh air and cool places to relax as you enjoy the variety of local dishes. For accommodations, you can choose to reserve a spot at the Bamboo Bungalows Koh Phayam.


Once travel resumes as is in several countries, take a trip to Ranong to cool off and release the much built-up tension from the pandemic woes. Ranong offers an excellent opportunity to experience nature and different cultures in Thailand. With the new normal travel, make necessary preparations with your group before making any bookings. It is also important to do ample research before travelling so that you can get to experience the fun in Thailand without any hindrances. Also, you get to enjoy the trip from Ranong to Koh Phayam via the ferry.

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