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DATA: Marketers & Agencies Lean Into Third-Party Data Enrichment In Q3 To Understand The Changing Consumer

Lotame Sees 109% Growth in APAC Third-Party Data Sales During Q3 2020

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Lotame, the leading global provider of data enrichment solutions to drive customer insights and turn personas into addressable advertising, today announced 109% growth in third-party data sales in the APAC region from Q2 2020 to Q3 2020. Across the APAC region, India saw 555% growth, followed by Malaysia at 190% and Taiwan at 178% growth. Subsequently, Australia saw 43% growth and New Zealand saw 6% growth during that period.

Third-party data refers to data brought from outside sources that are not the original collectors of that data. The data includes various types of information, whether it be demographic, interest or intent data. 

“The end of the third-party cookie does not imply that third-party data is going away, or that marketers will be able to make less use of it,” said Zuzana Urbanova, Head of Data Solutions – APAC, at Lotame. “We saw a jump in third-party data enrichment as COVID-19 left marketers and publishers with outdated information about their target audience. The pandemic has made it clearer – whether you’re a marketer or a publisher – that the volume and reach of third-party data will always play a vital role in building great personalized customer experiences that are both reliable and relevant in the moment.”

As third-party data enrichment grew in the aftermath of COVID-19, the most popular APAC audience segments that were purchased in Q3 2020 included: 

  1. Health & fitness
  2. Computers & technology
  3. COVID: home office needs
  4. Food & beverage
  5. Real estate
  6. Parenting
  7. Personal Loans
  8. Retirement

“With the ongoing pandemic, we’ve seen how consumer sentiments and behaviours are changing drastically and rapidly,” continued Urbanova. “COVID-19 forced a dramatic rethink in how people and organizations work, and while millions of people are still continuing to work remotely, pursuing new hobbies, these top eight segments across the region resonated with the current environment during Q3.”

The data also shows strong growth in third-party data enrichment across South and North Asian markets from Q2 2020 to Q3 2020:

  1. Vietnam: 376.35%
  2. Hong Kong: 108.52%
  3. Philippines: 92.06%
  4. Japan: 70.16%
  5. Thailand: 64.2%
  6. Indonesia: 44.39%
  7. Singapore: 27.77%

With COVID-19 lasting much longer than anticipated, Lotame created a COVID-specific data set in Q2 2020 to enable marketers and publishers to reach relevant audiences during the unprecedented time. The data set included discount shopping, online food delivery, home office needs, fitness activities, active online shoppers, and more.

The data was sourced from Lotame Data Exchange, the world’s largest second- and third-party data marketplace, comprising billions of monthly unique users.

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