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Over 2 Billion Gaming Tweets In 2020

Up 75% from 2019 with a 49% increase in unique authors

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

2020 was the year we all had to stay at home; and while the world groaned collectively, gamers took their love to the next level. Gaming-related conversations increased on Twitter: there were over 2 billion gaming Tweets globally in the past 12 months, up 75% from 2019 with a 49% increase in unique authors. In Singapore, there were 35% more gaming-related Tweets in 2020 than 2019.

This explosion of gaming Tweets globally marked gaming’s ascension to a new level of popularity. Not only were gamers around the world playing more games than ever before, they were also connecting on Twitter more than ever before. This massive increase in gaming-related conversations on Twitter reflects gamers being vocal about their passions, and they’re using Twitter for

In Asia Pacific, the top 5 countries that Tweeted the most about gaming in 2020 were:

For the first time, it’s possible to see the top 10 most Tweeted-about games in 2020. While the most Tweeted-about game of 2020 in Singapore may surprise no one, given how much time we all spent visiting each other’s islands, adding to our museums, and making sure our islands were just right, for the first time, it’s possible to see just how much Singaporeans are Tweeting about their favourite mobile games. Over the past few years, their popularity has soared, and they’re now being talked about alongside the major titles for PCs and consoles.

Just how many conversations some of these games generated in our everyday lives was evident. One example is SGAG’s (@SGAG_SG) popular Tweet that combined everyone’s favourite game to play in a group in 2020, Among Us, with the island wide SMRT issues on October 14. This was just one of the many examples of how games informed the way we communicated with each other – even when not about the actual games – during 2020.

Sometimes, gaming also overlapped with the other communities that use Twitter, such as the art community. Fan art, one of the most popular genres of amateur and independent art, was a favourite activity of some passionate gamers, such as the below examples for players of cross-platform hit Genshin Impact (@GenshinImpact). On Twitter, these players are able to combine their communities for their favourite titles, with the communities of other artists who appreciate and share their art.

While the gaming events landscape looked much different in 2020, that didn’t stop Singaporean gamers from watching big events like The Game Awards (@thegameawards) and Tokyo Game Show (@tokyo_game_show) for major game announcements as well.

No matter whether you’re a pro or noob gamer, Twitter is the arena where gamers convene. Join the conversation and connect with the community today. 

As 2021 kicks off, the conversation around gaming will continue to grow. Next-gen consoles will begin to make their mark as the latest major titles begin to arrive. Independent titles will become crowd favourites as streamers and other influencers play them. And new e-sports teams will rise to the forefront and challenge the hot topic organisations. Get the latest updates on all of these on Twitter.

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