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How To Make The Toughest Decisions With Robert Regan

He has been a stock broker, banker, entrepreneur, ran for political office and has been featured on national news programs

Photo by energepic.com from Pexels

“Decide!” is Robert’s second book. It is a book about making the best decisions, in every circumstance, no matter what. Tools, Tips and Tricks for better decision making. After Robert was taken hostage at gunpoint in a bank robbery in early 1990’s, he went on a quest for intentional living and decisive action. This book is a culmination of thoughts and lessons learned from the trenches of life.

He has been a stockbroker, banker, entrepreneur, ran for political office and has been featured on national news programs like Fox & Friends, Newsmax as well as the Rush Limbaugh radio show. Post Malone even called Robert the coolest man in Grand Rapids. He has run over 20 marathons (trail and road races), climbed the summit of multiple 14,000′ mountains in Colorado and walked across Spain on the 500 mile Camino de Santiago. Each experience yielding a new perspective on life and decision making. This book is a short-cut that will save you years of time, thousands of dollars and enhance your overall life experience.

Visit his website.

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Dave Pamah is an author, podcaster and personal coach who helps people overcome resiliency. As an ex-athlete and retired firefighter, he faced many challenges with racism, bullying and dyslexia. His experience has led him to a career in helping others through personal coaching and with his book: Firefighting From Within. Dave hosts the podcast 'The Dave Pamah Show' where he highlights ways people can make improvements in their lives and other mental health topics. He says that people need to build resiliency by using mindfulness to gain some calmness in your life. Having more positivity can help you live your best life. Follow Dave on website, contact him via email, dave@davepamah.com or follow him on Twitter.

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