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Holistic Trauma Healing Beyond Freedom With Jennelle Gordon

She took the wheel and created her own destiny

Jennelle Gordon is an inspiration for women as a speaker and educator. She studied tantra and yoga extensively with masters in Thailand after leaving her traumatic past behind for a brighter future. Having been the product of rape and then the system, her fate would have been sealed by statistics to either death or a life of addiction. But rather than sit in the passenger seat of her own life and live in compliance with societal programming, she took the wheel and created her own destiny.

Beyond Freedom International is a nonprofit in Orange County founded by Jennelle. Beyond Freedom’s mission focuses on bringing awareness, providing aid to survivors, and creating practical solutions to ending sex trafficking. Jennelle shares her experiences and steps to freedom with other women who were victims. She also shares her knowledge with communities so they can be a part of the solution. Jennelle’s book The 8 Faces of Freedom can help change the lives of these victims. She will bring light to how victims are seduced and manipulated into the industry.

This book will share Jennelle’s truly inspirational story about how she went from being sold into sex trafficking to TEDx talk speaker with the help of Tony Robbins. Today she empowers women to heal and grow from the trauma. She is an entrepreneur, author and a role model to women.

Visit: theofactors.com (Company Website) JennelleGordon.com (Personal Website) beyondfreedominternational.org (Non-Profit Organization Website)

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Dave Pamah is an author, podcaster and personal coach who helps people overcome resiliency. As an ex-athlete and retired firefighter, he faced many challenges with racism, bullying and dyslexia. His experience has led him to a career in helping others through personal coaching and with his book: Firefighting From Within. Dave hosts the podcast 'The Dave Pamah Show' where he highlights ways people can make improvements in their lives and other mental health topics. He says that people need to build resiliency by using mindfulness to gain some calmness in your life. Having more positivity can help you live your best life. Follow Dave on website, contact him via email, dave@davepamah.com or follow him on Twitter.

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