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AI-Powered Mental Fitness To Upgrade Employee Engagement For The New Normal

44% say their mental health has declined due to work from home

This pandemic has made us realise the unprecedented need to actively address every  employee’s mental wellbeing. 44% say their mental health has declined due to work from  home.1 9 in 10 CEO’s expect permanent shift to remote working.2 Mental wellbeing has  serious productivity impact of up to 30%.3 This becomes even more critical for Gen Z and  Millennials who are 3-4x more prone to stress and anxiety.4 

We need to uncage our mindset that mental health is needed only by a 10-15% of the  population. While it is critical to support this population of employees with good clinical  and therapy options, the balance 85%5 of the employees also need to exercise mental  fitness. Just like we have a routine of going to the gym for physical fitness, we need a  routine for our mental fitness as well.  

Imagine mental fitness being as easy as getting 10,000 steps for physical fitness.  This is where Joye comes in to revolutionise mental fitness, just like the ease of 10,000  steps revolutionised physical fitness a decade ago.  

Speak your mind and our context sensitive nudges will keep you positive and productive  amidst your emotional flux. Joye is the world’s first voice-enabled user experience to  weave mental health into every employee’s digital lifestyle. Joye’s AI is trained to  recognise the employee’s typical day to day situations, and guide the user with proven  positive psychology coaching in a secure and easy digital experience.  

You can smoothly embed Joye as-a-service into your existing employee engagement  platforms, which employees tend to use most often. Like in a company’s communication  and conferencing platforms, or in rewards and recognition tools. This embedded  placement approach encourages mental fitness culture by seeking and getting support  as part of the digital work-life.  

In parallel, we consolidate anonymised sentiment analytics at the organisation’s top level.  This helps HR to be more empathetic and responsive to employee needs, especially  when most of them are working remotely. These people analytics follow GDPR privacy  guidelines, and are consolidated only at the highest levels of the organisation.  

In effect, Joye improves productivity at the intersection of employee engagement and  mental health. This is the future of work for the new normal.

Joye is a proudly Singaporean company, with global ambitions. The Joye platform is now  available for enterprise deployment since July’20. We have established partnership with  leading collaboration and employee engagement companies to embed Joye in their  platforms and being mental fitness to the employees of their clients. We are also working  with early adopters clients, and will be pleased to offer our services to more  organisations in Singapore to continue to keep Singapore’s productivity growing in the  new normal.  On this occasion of World Mental Health day, we are pleased to offer our platform for  next 3 months at no charge to Singapore based organisations (with >1000 employees,  conditions apply).  

1 The Other COVID-19 Crisis: Mental Health, Qualtrics, April’20.  
2 PWC UK, 2020  
3 Center for Mental Health, UK.  
4 CNBC, Oct 2019  

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