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Julian Canita

How Michael Scofield Made A Sudden Comeback

And how your business can too using Facebook…

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So over one of the past weekends, I found Prison Break to rank Number 1 in the Philippines on Netflix. Why is that? I mean, Prison Break was so long ago… but then I remembered something. As I understand it, here’s what happened.

There was a craze for this show called Money Heist. I haven’t watched it but it looks like it was a bank robbery series with a smart mastermind behind it all. It’s a TV series filled with suspense and excitement. But now that it’s over, people are left hanging and longing for that action and suspense. And they want their fix of suspense and escape stories.

So Netflix, wanting to keep its users on the platform, suggested the next best thing to Money Heist fans: Prison Break. Money Heist fans then naturally went to watch Prison Break and it reached number 1 and the same can be applied with Facebook.

See, Netflix and Facebook are competitors. They are both competing for your attention. And to maintain your attention, both will feed you suggested content that you’re likely to engage with based on what content you have engaged with before. Everyday, more and more people are becoming interested in what you’re offering and to keep people on its platform, Facebook will show content that specific individual users find relevant.

With the help of Facebook ads, you can continuously be in front of the face of people who are likely to be your customers, the same way Prison Break was in front of Money Heist fans. So I hope you start to see, if you haven’t yet, how vital Facebook ads are. It allows you to be in front of your target audience who find you relevant.

So go and launch your ad campaigns!

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Julian Cañita is a Facebook Advertising Strategist and Coach who runs a Facebook Advertising Agency as well as holds education and training programs on Facebook Ads and Digital Marketing. His dream is to empower entrepreneurs by using Facebook Ads to get them to reach more people and to help more people so they may be empowered to make a difference in others’ lives as well. Follow him on his Website, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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