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5 Profitable Car Related Business Ideas For Petrolheads

All you need is to be a car enthusiast and ready to take the risk

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If you are a petrolhead or a car enthusiast, you probably understand a few things about cars. Sometimes, you may be tempted to start a car-related business to keep up with your passion or hobby. There are several car related business ideas that petrolheads can venture into.

However, it is never easy to pick the best out of possible options. Can you imagine going to work daily to do something related to your hobby? It can be fascinating. As such, if you’re a car enthusiast or a petrolhead who wishes to start an automotive industry-related business, here are some car-related business ideas that you can consider picking.

A Driving School

If you are one person who loves driving with a little passion for helping others to learn, this is the best business for you. Consider becoming a private driving instructor or starting a private driving school. So many people want to learn how to drive. You can be sure of getting clients locally because the demand for a driving instructor is always there.

Start a Cab or Taxi Services

Taxi services are arguably the first idea that comes to mind of a person who wishes to start any transport-related business. The most interesting thing about this idea is that you only need your car to get started. If you are determined and dedicated, your cab business can grow from one car to several taxis in the long run. Consider designing and marketing your service digitally using tools like a taxi booking app and other web-based software.

Auto Repair Shop

People buy cars daily, and these cars need to be serviced frequently. Therefore, there is a special demand for auto repair shops anywhere. A car repair is an inevitable service that you must do whether a car is new or old. Consider venturing into a car repair shop that offers major repair works, refurbishing work, or just routine auto servicing.

Car Rental Services

If you do not prefer starting a taxi or cab business, consider investing in car rental services. It simply involves giving out cars for hire to those who need them for long-term or short-term purposes. Consider venturing into this business if you are a car enthusiast who doesn’t have time to drive around. It is a very popular business in Australia – there are many vintage formal car hire services in Gold Coast, Brisbane and other areas for any special occasions. You can also start such a business as the demand keeps rising and is highly profitable in big cities. Some people prefer ride sharing services, services for picnics, road trips, or different functions. You should be able to offer those services.

Panel Beating

Panel beating services are also known as automobile bodywork. Bodyworks are popular businesses in the automotive industry because vehicles get involved in accidents, and they need body repair and reforming to be in good condition. It is a thriving business idea that can earn you good money in town areas. Note that you need to have some skills to be good in panel beating. Otherwise, you’ll need to employ some experts to help you out.


Remember, you can easily start any of the businesses described above for better returns. All you need is to be a car enthusiast and ready to take the risk. Automotive business ideas are all over, and above are just a few popular ones on the list. If any of these businesses need some extra skills, you’ll need to employ some experts.

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Monica is a passionate traveller and content creator. Her interests include outdoor activities, fitness, technology, entrepreneurship, and everything in between. Follow her on Twitter.

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1 Comment

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