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The Year That Was

A glimpse of how I looked at the year 2020

Photo by Stanley Li on Unsplash

I guess everybody will say that the year 2020 was challenging, depressing, undeniably frustrating, and a heck of negativities. No one has expected a tremendous amount of uncertainties and failures for many. All over the world, we all experienced a drastic and dramatic year and as we welcomed a new year it gave the light of hope. I would like to give a glimpse of how I looked at the year 2020, and share my insights on what I have learned from it.

Untoward events around us

Australia Bushfire

We can go on with the list of the events that happened around the world, but I will focus on the most notable ones, starting with the bushfire in Australia that welcomed our 2020 with dismay. Hundreds of animals lose their habitat, lives lost, properties vanished into thin air, and the amount of money poured in to stop the fire. We salute all the firefighters who risked their lives to stop the devastation and to the brave men and women who gave shelter to the rescued animals.

The Taal Volcano eruption

Who would forget the mushroom cloud-like eruption of the Taal Volcano was a massive outpour of ashfall, mud, and dust surrounding the entire southern area of the Philippines. 

Taal Volcano woke up after hundreds of years of being an active volcano. It interrupted the lives of many. It was a weekend when it happened and a lot of local tourists normally go to Tagaytay for a weekend relaxation as this place is a haven to many.

The incident left a lot of damaged properties and a massive cleaning for many.  The good part of it is that no one lost their lives because of the eruption. Evacuation has commenced earlier and that the local government has already given early information of the volcano’s status. 

The virus called..

This incident started in early December 2019 in Wuhan China, but it was experienced and felt by many countries in the year 2020. Many people suffered a loss due to this pandemic that no one can guarantee where it came from.

The pandemic changed our lives. It destroyed the normality that everybody knew. Practicing the NEW NORMAL is hard for all of us and it totally interrupted the way we manage our lives.

A lot of people suffered tremendous and drastic change brought about by this pandemic, many lost their jobs, hope, and worst of all, lives. On the other hand, many people became heroes during this difficult time. We all became heroes in our way, staying at home to save others and being mindful of our actions helped so much for our front liners to continue to provide the help and assistance needed by those affected by it. 

Our brave frontline fights their way daily to ensure the safety of the patients they face. They have suffered and gave their lives to save others. The bravery they showed will always be remembered by many people around the globe.

The uncertainties experienced with this virus affected the way we see and value life now.

My Personal Experience

This year has also brought pain to me and my family. My mother and brother passed in the same month. My brother passed away five days after my mom did. It was a big blow for me and my other siblings. I am trying to work on my grief and trying to be strong for my family. My dad left us in the year 2000 and now with my mom and brother, they are all at rest.

A New Perspective

As 2021 began, we all look forward to a more positive outlook and the hope that we can have a better year. 

We do not know what tomorrow will bring, we can only hope that God knows better and constantly pray for His mercy that we may all overcome what we are all experiencing.

Let us do the best we can to stay sane and safe, to face another year with hope and prayers.

Whatever we do, whatever happens, let us always stay positive in life.

Till my next blog.

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Maria is a proud work-from-home advocate. As a Professional Virtual Assistant, she has worked with different clients and has learned a lot from them. Her respect for her career has given her the opportunity to earn from home; helping others who want to start a career from home by training and honing them to become VA Ready. She manages an FB Community with about 77 thousand members of aspiring and experienced VA's called Philippine Home-based Virtual Assistants. Follow her on LinkedIn and website.

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