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Who And What Have Malaysians Been Watching On YouTube In 2020?

Channels and videos that have entertained Malaysians this past year

isaac osman (YouTube)

Home workouts using household items (and even some without equipment). Comedy sketches about coping with lockdowns. A live streamed celebrity solemnization. If we were asked to predict what trending YouTube content would be in 2020, we certainly would not have expected this.

But as the world copes with unprecedented changes to our lives, we have all turned to creators and artists to help make sense of these changes, find connections, and expand our boundaries beyond the four walls of our homes.

In Malaysia, this year’s top trending videos reflect our unique and personal needs to persevere and carry on as we adapted to the unforeseen challenges of 2020.

Entertainment has always been a staple of the local YouTube airwaves, and this year, it has proven to be more important than ever – through original music by creators Changyong and Dissy, a popular song parody by Alieff Irfan, or a short drama by Syahmi Sazli. Reality shows were also in the mix, be it by homegrown talents Bros Gang TV or global favorite Knowingbros. Apart from the fun, real-world events made it into the list of top trending videos, too: From happy moments, like the engagement of actor Mira Filzah and Wan Emir that was streamed live on YouTube, to more eye-opening reports of the state of lockdown in Malaysia. Tying these two genres is our love for all things food, be it challenges or mukbangs.

While the engagement was up across YouTube, these 10 following videos resonated with Malaysian audiences the most. Collectively, they were watched more than 363 million times, while the channels behind them total more than 19 million subscribers.

Top Trending Videos (Malaysia)

  1. Changyong 【我說新年好 】官方MV feat.常勇Danny舒森培永Julene常樂
  2. DONA 도나Red Food VS Blue Food Challenge 빨간색 파란색 음식 챌린지 DONA 도나
  3. Isaac Osmanais krim KITKAT, OREO, MICKEY MOUSE dan rakan-rakan bergaduh dalam perut (mukbang malaysia)
  4. Syahmi SazliDrama Spontan 20: Dua Gangster
  5. TV3MALAYSIA Official[LIVE] Majlis Akad Nikah Mira Filzah & Wan Emir
  7. Bros Gang TVExperiment Gold Digger Test 4 : GF Ditawarkan RM20,000 Menjadi Artis Rakaman, SETIA ATAU CURANG?
  8. 低清DISSY【BRO!新年不要玩】2020最適合單曲循環新年歌!|MUSIC VIDEO |低清Dissy|
  9. 아는형님 Knowingbros[선공개] 리사(LISA)의 ⚡️업그레이드된 태국 춤 = ‘게 춤’♪ (point. 무표정😶) 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 251회
  10. Al Jazeera EnglishLocked Up in Malaysia’s Lockdown | 101 East

In music, local talents Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza, Nabila Razali, Azarra Band, and others share the stage with K-pop sensations BlackPink and BTS. Also on the list is Indonesian dangdut singer Vita Alvia.

Top Music Videos (Malaysia)

  1. BlackPink How You Like That (Music Video)
  2. Nabila RazaliPeluang Kedua ft. MK K-Clique
  3. Vita AlviaHareudang / Nestapa
  4. BlackPink Ice Cream ft. Selena Gomez
  5. BlackPink How You Like That (Dance Performance)
  6. Azarra BandJaga-Jaga ft. Beby Acha
  7. BTS Dynamite
  8. Harith Zazman, MFMF, Loca BCute (Stop Lah Being So Cute)
  9. Nabila RazaliPeluang Kedua (Lyric Video)
  10. Dato’ Sri Siti NurhalizaAku Bidadari Syurgamu

This year’s top creators list demonstrates the diversity of our home-grown talent and the varied appetite of Malaysians throughout 2020 – from entertainers and gamers, to cooks and influencers, and to those making a positive social impact.

Top Creators (Malaysia)

  1. Isa Isarb
  2. Jess No Limit
  3. Sugu Pavithra
  4. Ebit Lew
  5. Alieff Irfan
  6. Che Nom
  7. Cikidot Channel
  8. Isaac Osman
  9. Azfar Heri
  10. Bella Khan

Among this year’s creators that have broken out of our screens and into public awareness with their captivating content, we have Isa Isarb who captivated the nation with his brand of reality show, Sugu Pavithra with their authentic homemade dishes, and Ebit Lew with his heartwarming good deeds.

Breakout Creators (Malaysia)

  1. Isa Isarb
  2. Jess No Limit
  3. Sugu Pavithra
  4. Ebit Lew
  5. Che Nom
  6. Azfar Heri
  7. Top 5 Malaysia
  8. Bros Gang TV
  9. AR Vlogs
  10. Nabila Razali Entertainment

To immerse yourself deeper into these trending videos for 2020, check out our curated playlists for Top Trending Videos and Top Trending Music Videos for your viewing and listening pleasure. Check out as well the top content from our Top Trending Creators and Breakout Creators for a taste of what they’re all about.

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