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Judges Rely On Their Wisdom As Well As Technology When Setting Bail

The court may even deny bail if it feels that it would be dangerous to release the person

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Posting bail can ensure the release of a person arrested on some charges and awaiting a court appearance. The process consists of furnishing a guarantee to the court in the form of cash or bond with the help of an agency like Castle bail bondsman Montgomery County. If released, the person would abide by the bail conditions and appear for hearing in the court later. Since the lawmakers understand the urge of a person to stay out of jail unless convicted, they have framed the bail procedure that allows them to walk free unless proven guilty. However, there are exceptions if the person faces non-bailable charges in which case bail is not possible, and there is no way to avoid a jail term.  The court may even deny bail if it feels that it would be dangerous to release the person or if the person might influence the legal process if released.

Setting bail

Judges are responsible for setting bail after the person appeals for bail. However, since most people are keen to get out of custody at the soonest instead of waiting to appear before the judge, it is a practice to refer to standard bail schedules available in jails and created for some common crimes to ascertain the bail amount. The person can quickly get out of jail if charged with crimes listed in the station house bail schedule. If the arrested person is unable to pay for the bail amount, he or she may appeal to the judge for lowering it during the first hearing or a special bail hearing. 

Setting bail by using an algorithm

When determining bail amounts for pre-trial cases, judges are now using technology and taking the help of algorithms to set the bail amount.  The software determines the bail amount by using some information about the case and recommends a score. The algorithm considers various factors like the person’s personal background, criminal record, social standing, etc. to evaluate the risk in releasing the person on bail with the understanding that he will appear in court when called for.  

Optimal bail amount

Setting the bail amount by following the guidelines of the Constitution of the US ensures that it is never excessive with respect to the case. The bail amount is only a deterrent and a guarantee for the court but never imposed to punish the person based on mere suspicion of having committed the crime. The bail intends to give the benefit of the doubt to the arrested person who can stay free unless proven guilty. But judges do set exceptionally high bail amounts for some specific and serious cases to prevent the person’s release because it could harm the legal proceedings. 

Bail conditions

Conditions attached to the bail are significant because it forms the basis of releasing the person. The person must comply with the conditions to stay out of jail until the trial begins, and the law takes its course. Violating any of the conditions could result in a fresh arrest warrant for the person and forfeiture of the bail amount.

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