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Seeing Opportunities During The Enhanced Community Quarantine

We can still earn money even if we are staying at home. Working From Home is the key

Photo by Mark Neal from Pexels

I know we feel a lot of difficulties during this pandemic. Anxiety and depression strike and it hit us hard; we were at ease with the lifestyle that we have. The majority of the people who are working lose their jobs, there are students who decided to stop their studies because their parents are scared that they might get sick if they go to school. 

Indisputably, we were caught unprepared by this Covid-19 virus and this unfortunate event changed our lives and made us realize many things. Yes, some of us are trying to withstand it, however, life goes on, we have to move on. Don’t let this pandemic stand in our way. We have to do something for us to survive. Every day, we should have food on our table. Yet, the dilemma is how can we provide it if we don’t have a source of income. The time has come, we have to reinvent ourselves. Turn our passion into profit. 

We should unleash the potential that we have. Let us learn new skills that we can employ to attain our necessities. While I’m in an Enhanced Community Quarantine, I am thinking about how I can help my fellow Filipinos. I thought through writing I can help them to be motivated and encouraged. I listened to various business gurus so that I can share the business ideas and opportunities that I have learned to others. We can still earn money even if we are staying at home. Working From Home is the key. So these are the business ideas that I have gathered from them and I would like to share it with you. 

Vlogging. YouTube is a platform where you can upload your videos, either if it’s a documentary, travel vlog, life hacks, or anything that is interesting to the viewers. You will be paid depending on the hours, watched subscribers, views, and ads. 

Blogging. If you’re into writing, it is an online journal and/or informational website. You can make money by placing ads, membership, and anything related. 

Buy and sell. You can make money by selling clothes, shoes or anything, may it be pre-loved or brand new. Wholesale or retail. 

E-Books. Write down those interesting anecdotes and tips that you have and make an eBook that you can sell over the internet. This is good especially if you are solving a specific problem. 

Online courses. Provide specific and detailed information through the internet. Some courses available are about Stock Trading, Investing, Online Marketing, and Photography. This is one of the best ways to monetize your skill/s while making a profit when someone enrolls in your offered course. 

Online tutoring. It is an advantage If you are a teacher, definitely you can easily do teaching. The only difference is that you are going to do it online. 

Cooking for your neighbors and friends. If your neighbors and friends don’t have the time to go out and buy their food, why don’t you cook food for them for a fee?

Personal shopper. If you have a car or a tricycle and your neighbors or friends are reluctant to go to the market or to the grocery store, you can ask them to be their personal shopper. You can earn from the service charge and delivery charge as well. 

Making sellable crafts. Create some dustpans, broomsticks, or anything that can be used in cleaning the house and its surroundings out of the materials that are available in your house that are no longer needed. 

Sewing and selling. Do you have a sewing machine in your house? Why not use it to make face masks and personal protective equipment that are essential nowadays? Then sell it online. 

Freelancing. There are famous websites like Fiverr, 99 Designs, and UpWork wherein you can get various online jobs that allow you to work from home. 

Wifi for rent. Make money out of your wifi connection. Ask your neighbors for a small fee if they want to have access to your wifi. 

Virtual assistant. Communication skills and being tech-savvy is a must for this job. 

Remember, this does not guarantee your income unless you exerted your greatest effort to start and continue to take action. Your profit is the result of your action. The best thing that you can do is to work hard and pray to god.

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Jeffrey G. Delfin is a poetry and flash fiction writer. He is one of the grand prize winners of the Song of Peace: World's Biggest Anthology of Contemporary Poetry 2020. Follow him on Facebook.

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