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Everybody, Meet Nabil Jalil

An Industrial Engineer or an SEO Specialist? Let’s find out!

He may be an Industrial Engineer by training, but one thing for sure, he is a hard-headed extroverted Taurian when it comes to his goals and dreams. An SEO Specialist, meet Nabil, Founder and CEO of BlackGrid.

What are you up to lately?

Besides handling the day-to-day operations of BlackGrid, I have been personally providing workshops, consulting sessions and talks in helping SMEs in Malaysia to develop their Digital Marketing Blueprint. Currently working with a few GLCs to help their members navigate their Digitalization efforts towards IR 4.0.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am an Industrial Engineer by training but turned SEO Specialist after taking a plunge to an unknown path 6-months prior to graduation. I currently run my Digital Marketing agency, BlackGridSEO through 2 offices, in Los Angeles, California (HQ) and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (New Office). BlackGrid is ranked as the top SEO agency in Los Angeles for “SEO Los Angeles”. My company specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) that helps to direct highly targeted organic traffic to the sites of our clients. I have been in the Digital Marketing space for the past 5 years and have not looked back since.

I was privileged enough to have my background instilled in Industrial Engineering knowledge that specializes in the study of optimizing systems in businesses to eliminate waste of time, money, energy, materials and other commodities. With this specialized knowledge, I was able to translate that to my work within BlackGrid that helps our clients to increase efficiency, productivity and quality of service or product for businesses across all industries.

I am also a co-author of a book titled, Money Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips To Success (Real Estate Edition). The book made the #1 spot on Amazon.com in September 2018 under New Release (Real Estate Category). If you get the chance to grab a copy, it will help you navigate through the world of real estate for real estate professionals, real estate investors and people who have an interest in doing business in the Real Estate industry. This book features fifteen top professionals from Beverly Hills and Los Angeles who share lessons from their over 250 years of combined experience. I laid out the processes in my business for you to apply SEO work in any industry you are involved in, not just real estate.

Where are you now?

I am currently fully based in Kuala Lumpur to focus the growth of BlackGrid in this region. I travel to Los Angeles, California 1-2 times in a year for 3-4 weeks each.

Your zodiac?

Hard-headed Taurus especially towards my goals and dreams. Other than that, I am quite reasonable haha.

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Extroverted but I definitely value my own free time and space.

Your official designation now is?

Founder and CEO.

Marketing is broad, what’s your specialty?

Digital Marketing, specifically in SEO.

What do you love about Marketing?

The ability to build relationships with people either directly or indirectly.

What do you hate about Marketing?

Bad marketers tarnishing the good work that most marketers do.

When thinking, you’d like to be alone or with people?


Your ideas, most of them came from?

Some are originally my own. But most of them are from ideas that have worked in the market which I added a little twist of my own.

Are you a digital nomad or office freak?

Digital Nomad hands down. The main reason why I started my Digital Marketing journey. However, if one day BlackGrid grows to be more than 15 employees, I am open to being rooted to an office!

Your favourite social media?


What do you do when you’re not working?

Spending quality time with loved ones. Family and close relationships are important in my life.

Who’s your marketing icon?

Gary Vaynerchuk, cliche I know.

What is the first thing you’d do when you’re hired/chosen to handle a new project?

Understand the deliverables of the project then plan on how to execute the most efficient way.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Morning person. Sometimes I do pull all-nighters when I have my juices flowing before midnight.

How do you stay motivated?

Knowing that we only have one shot at life.

Ever got ideas from movies or songs?

Movies yes, not songs just yet.

The best book you’ve ever read?

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill.

How to contact you?

You can contact me via email at nabil.jalil@blackgridseo.com or my social media profiles like Instagram and Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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