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Zu Anjalika

Gym Etiquette And Personal Branding

It does not take much but the feel-good factor is immense; contributes and complements the adrenalin rush you had experienced from the workout.

Time flies and 2019 is already here.  

New years are for resolutions and dreams.  Without fail, getting into shape and aiming for that ultimate health will be in the book for many.

Gyms and health clubs will start filling up, memberships renewed and sports brand boutiques, packed.  These are all well and good; any effort towards betterment should be lauded, shouldn’t it?

That said, I’ve often been asked, what are the fundamentals of a good gym go-er; the etiquette to be observed, so that everyone will have the ultimate experience?

To start with, gym etiquette encompasses around stated and unspoken rules.  The unspoken ones are those that will require lots of effort on the common sense bit.

The gym hosts people from various walks of lives and backgrounds; that also means, respecting every individual by dressing appropriately.  As much as you want to show that well-toned body and lean muscles, make sure nothing spills out while you are doing your workout routine.

I had seen many unnecessary accidents happen while people are fooling around at the gym.  Imagine, laughing and goofing while lifting weights; very dangerous! Keep all the jokes till after workout; do what you go to the gym for and goof after.

The mirrors in the gym are there for reasons; one of them is, of course, to keep checks on YOUR workout; NOT OTHERS’.  Refrain from looking at other people through the mirror; it usually causes awkwardness.

This is personally one of my pet peeves; someone comes along and chat with me while I am in the midst of my work out.  That is a complete no-no. Refrain from chatting up anyone while they are hot in routine, no matter how exciting the story is.  I am sure that can wait for a little; until after the workout session.

As much as I have a firm stand on looking good, hogging the changing and shower rooms is never a good idea.  That is a shared space, respect others who are using it along with you. Taking too long in the shower rooms might cause others’ to be late in their pursuits after gym – meeting, work, picking up kids; the list could go on.   Just wash off whatever is necessary and be on your way, so others could have their turn.

…and of course, never forget to clean up after yourself.  Use the towel prepared in the gym for this purpose. If for some reason the gym does not provide this, use your towel to wipe down your own sweat so the next person will be able to use a sweat-less, cleaner machine.  I’m sure you want that for yourself; so why not do it for someone else.

Above everything else, be courteous at all time.  It does not take much but the feel-good factor is immense; contributes and complements the adrenalin rush you had experienced from the workout.

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Zu Anjalika Kamis Gunnulfsen is a certified Image Branding & Lifestyle Consultant. Born in Singapore and blessed to have lived in a couple of other amazing cities in the world, Anjalika is currently expatriating in Kuala Lumpur. Follow her on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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