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And we will publish it. That’s right. If you come across any decent news happening locally in your area, we are cool to publish it for you. Our readers across Asia might be interested in reading it. It doesn’t matter if the local news you’re submitting is related to marketing industry, tech, local businesses, life, entrepreneurships, fintech, freelancers, consumers or even events, we will publish it as long as the story is well written, the flow is smoothly constructed and it comes with at least two or more pictures.

Here’s what you need to do.

It’s pretty simple actually. Just prepare the source of the story, have the substance ready. Write it properly in a MS Word or Google Doc format. Double-check your story flow, spelling et al. Make sure everything is complete with details. Save it. After that, get hold of the relevant pictures accordingly. Then submit the story and attached the pictures here. Please take note that the story won’t be published if it is too general.

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